Relaxing video of traditional Japanese woodblock artist at work

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There’s a great little woodblock print shop in Tokyo called Mokuhankan, run by a Canadian by the name of David Bull. Phenomenal carver.

Lots of videos on their YouTube channel showing Dave at work, and they also regularly do Twitch streams.


Hey, that is the guy who has done some of Jed Henry’s pop culture infused prints into actual wood block prints. I have this Boba Fett one, but it is just a Giclee print. He only have a handful of his designed carved into wood by David Bull.

I hadn’t seen his site, but that’s some great traditional work!


I do woodcut and linocut and Hasui Kawase is one of my absolute favorites. This is amazing!

I’m going to have to come back to this one :star_struck:


Show off some of your stuff, if you want!


I don’t have a lot of my cut prints updated, as there’s too much WIP lately, but I’ve got a couple at the bottom here: Artwork – The Eccentric Cog

I’m absolutely an amateur: an engineer that learned some more art skills so that I could work with visual folks and just… kept up as a hobby. I figure I deserve hobbies I am not concerned about being mediocre in.


I have these two woodblock prints:

Rickshaw cart.

The Hero Rests.

A few years back the inflight video heading to Japan had a documentary about the ukiyo-e Heroes series. So I headed to the shop, picked these two up, and even printed my own copy of the Hokusai wave at a print party (sadly they don’t do these any more).

Dave’s a lovely guy, very energetic and devoted to his craft. When he first moved to Japan in the '80s, he couldn’t get a master to take him on as an apprentice carver, so he taught himself carving. In the process he even rediscovered some techniques that had been lost over time - and now the industry artisans look up to him.


Some nice work! I have wanted to do some silk screen or other print making.

In college I did some lithograhs.

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