TIE Fighter: '80s anime-style Star Wars fan-made short film, hand-drawn over 4 years



That is an insane amount of work for one person but kudos to him for doing it. People with the passion and determination to produce projects like this on their own make the world that much more awesome.


Just missing those panning reflection plates and the rock soundtrack is a bit too heavy for that era of anime.

oh yeah, and Star Wars is too much of a sausage fest. Where’s the female storm trooper suit up montage?

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Oh wow - I can’t watch this now, but it looks like that 30 sec. animation that came out about a year ago. I assume that was a teaser.

Just skimming through it - YES YES YES - shut the fuck up and take my money! All of it! I will watch this on my lunch break.

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That was incredible.

I’m a deeply deeply cynical man when it comes to Star Wars. 2 and 2/3 good films and most of the best spin-off stuff was released in the 90s, and the prequels basically slowly killed that rich vein of content off. Playing X-Wing Alliance at 13 or so in 1999 is one of my all time great gaming experiences.

The last thing I really like was Genndy Tarkovsky’s Star Wars: The Clone Wars series. Which was just a masterwork of literally everything the prequels should have been but weren’t.

I think pretty much every spin off since then has been a bit rubbish and the films are a stain upon movie history and Disney should immediately discount them from the canon.

People recommend Rebels (although many of the same people also recommended the CGI Clone Wars and that was dog shit) but the 3d animation is terrible. It’s such an ugly and horrible style and the animation frankly isn’t good enough for me to care. If it had been beautiful 2d I may have cared more.

The less said about basically every single other fan thing I’ve ever seen the better.

That mixture of most Star Wars related things being utter dross combined with the tiresome internet obsession with Star Wars made me sick of the whole thing. This gets to (part of) the essence of what was great about Star Wars.

However this is glorious. And once again shows Hollywood action films etc as they moved to cgi should have been paying more attention to anime because hollywood films were largely unable to do the crazy camera stuff even with props and models etc but they went to CGI but didn’t bother to innovate or even just copy anime.

I also have to say if you like this the thing that recently filled the Star Wars gap in my heart was Battleship Yamato 2199. It’s stunning, like Star Wars it’s basically WW2 in space (and more explicitly so) and is one of the best bits of tv in years.


Oh gawd - that was amazing…


Not sure if it’d be your cup of tea, but the anime Knights of Sidonia (available on Netflix) is IMHO one of the better CG anime series done to date.

This is really cool. I mean, even if it’s from the dirty friggin Empire’s POV. The physics are wrong (but no more so than regular anime) and there’s no voice work (but the SFX and sound track is very good)

So I love it, and hate it, I guess.

That was more entertaining than Episodes I, II, and III, combined.

The best thing about “Tie Fighters” is that the imperial pilots had faces. In Star Wars they are just faceless bucket heads. What I hated about it, which isn’t actually a bad thing, is how hopelessly the rebels are destroyed. I don’t enjoy watching the rebels get destroyed. Star Wars is about universal mystical good overcoming evil and at great odds. “Tie Fighters” is about the death, hopelessness, and the vicious destruction of virtuous people. In this time this is the opposite of what we need.

I love the character notes:

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