Dave Filoni has an idea for an "era-defining" Star Wars film

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To anyone curious about the large amount of (wildly) varying-in-quality Filoni stuff, I highly highly recommend the podcast A More Civilized Age. Helmed by several members of Vice’s excellent (and dead in the water) gaming podcast Waypoint, it’s a haven of smart, political funny, enthusiastic, and critical analyses of Clone Wars and other Star Wars Media.

Listening to it made it worth getting through even the rough patches of Clone Wars - and for those without the stomach for that, they also made an excellent skip list (though you should still listen to the podcast episodes even if you skip a given Clone Wars ep).


Star Wars Ep 2.1: A New New Hope.


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…I guess I’d need to hear the argument.


Do you not have a bad feeling about this?


I have a “to each their own, but I’m plenty happy” feeling about this. Beep boop.


A New Hope 2: Electric Boogaloo


I would like it to be good.

Star Wars seems to work better on TV where there’s room to explore.


Andor is an A. Boba Fett was a C+/B-. The Mandalorian has been B+/A work all along. The animated series has been fantastic for a long time. They figured it out mid-Clone Wars. Ahsoka should be an extension of that. Survivor’s presentation of the High Republic has me looking forward to the Acolyte. Skeleton Crew, I do not know, but we shall see.

Obi-Wan was fan service that did what it must. I was one of the fans it serviced. I loved it. Obi thumping Vader’s circuit board with the butt end of his lightsaber was amazeballs.

Star Wars is far from “can do no wrong” for me. Still, today’s level of fan displeasure is based on story choice, asshole politics, and not central “This just makes Star Wars suck” universe elements like, say, Marvel and another movie about people with special powers stopping a criminal with special powers. Helmeted Space people, laser sword wielders, the droid liberation army, crooked but charming space scoundrels with hearts of gold and so, so many more characters go into Star Wars :slight_smile: There can be movies about politics, religion, teen angst, environmentalism (on single-biome planets), and everything you can imagine. Disney can farm this puppy for UNLIMITED CASH.

I’d pass on a new Finn/Rey movie but whatever. I would rather see young Leia as the Leia actress grows up.


As someone who started with movies 4, 5, and 6, I am enjoying almost everything that Disney has done. It doesn’t have to be great science fiction, there are other properties that science much better. But it should be good pulp space-western opera… with space-wizards.


I hope it’s a rom-com set behind the scenes in the Galactic Senate, where a Wookiee page falls in love with a Gungan representative.

Hilarity ensues.


That’s… pretty much where I’m at.
I don’t want to see “small group fight the bad guys danger ball” for the fifth time!

I didn’t love the first Andor episode but the series got better fast and it was great television that also happened to be Star Wars. The Mandalorian is the best cowboys-in-space show for years! I enjoyed the others too, though I did wonder why Obi Wan’s saber was SO BLUE.
Little Leia was great, but nowhere near as funny as Vader’s sad puppy vibe when the spaceship flew away.

Disney is going to milk the cow, I just hope that they find more ways to do it than Death Star But A Slightly Different Shape This Time. There’s room to move, I hope they use it.


:heavy_check_mark: there’s no reason the good people of bridgerton can’t be carrying lightsabers.


I’d love to see a “Rose Tico: Badass with a Hydrospanner” TV series.



I would watch that!


this Star Wars fan is amused by the idea that SW is in a bad place or something. I think it’s in the best place possible right now, poised for some incredible things coming. to me, SW is finally finding its feet after some years of stumbling (looking at you, prequels).


I agree. I think Star Wars was in a bad place after the Rise of Skywalker. The three sequel films were so uneven, and the middle one so polarizing, largely for political reasons, that it was all just a mess. Since then, they haven’t had a lot of misses. Book of Boba Fett is the closest thing to a miss.


i really really loved The Last Jedi, and i wish we could’ve seen where Johnson wanted that to go for the third movie. To me, he really opened up the possibilities of the SW universe, where it wasn’t just special people who could be in tune with the Force. anyway, we got what we got, and there’s even stuff in Abram’s film that i loved in the end. but all that being said, i do think the franchise is in a more open-ended, positive place now, even though it took years to get here.


Drunken diagraced Luke made The Last Jedi for me. Especially his little bit of personal redemption at the end.