Star Wars Ep. IX: The Rise of Skywalker trailer


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It had me from “The Saga Comes to an End”



No fair using Leia’s theme, I’m not supposed to be crying at work.



Billy Dee’s laugh got a big AWWWFUCKYEA from me at my work desk. Looks good!



Man, I want so badly for this to be good, but they have a hole to dig out of that might make it tough. And they’re bringing the Emperor back in the last movie!? So Snoke was just a shaggy dog and now we’re going to see the real bad guy?

They have so many fantastically charismatic actors and given them a bag of wet mush of a story to tell.



I loved Last Jedi, so my hopes for this one are high. Very much looking forward to it and finding out why they’re apparently seeking out a chunk of the Death Star, how and why the Emperor is back, and who the Skywalker is who is rising.



Right now I’m basically cool with everything but the title. As long as it turns out that Rey isn’t related to Luke and Leia, I’m cool with that too.



Oh Man palpatine. Come to think of it we’ve never seen a force ghost of a baddie have we? Other than Vader who turned to the light at the last second… correct me if I’m wrong because I don’t follow the stuff outside the films…



Bold decision, going straight for the 2 min “teaser” without first releasing seven different twenty-second teasers for the teaser. Gotta keep the hype engine properly stoked.



Sounds like you’re assuming he died in episode 6. Since when does falling down a big shaft in the Star Wars universe mean you’re actually dead? And in Palpatine’s case he didn’t even have any body parts cut off first.

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I can’t wait till we can stop hearing about how TLJ bad touched childhood and we can start hearing about how JJ Abrams is the devil again.

Yeah that’s not a strong one. Sounds almost more like a parody of a Star Wars title than a Star Wars title.



Both are bad takes, but yeah I’m ready for people to stop complaining about TLJ.



All this to finally get told yes Rey is a skywalker?

Very convenient. Not that I won’t be lining up to watch it too.



I just find it remarkable how TFA went from the worst, ruined Star Wars forever thing with the evil hates the fans director, with Rogue one as the “real” Star Wars “fans” deserved. To the good one with the guy you really want to make Star Wars pretty much the minute TLJ came out.

The complaints about Johnson and TLJ might be louder and nastier that the ones about Abrams and TFA were. But they aren’t materially different. I expect the very same thing to happen here.



I have a pretty good feeling about this.

I like that the message of “SW is for everyone; you too can feel the force” is something they’re not shying away from. I feel as if “Every generation needs a hero” is just a nicer way of saying “let the past die, kill it if you have to.” Pass the baton and cheer the next in line and all that.

And it sort of looked like Rey might have had a second lightsaber at her hip? I’m here for it.



god damn i needed that. thank you.



Speaking as someone who was lukewarm but hopeful about the potential after TFA and really didn’t like TLJ, I just thought it Abrams played it really safe by making TFA pretty repetitive of a lot of story beats but introducing some compelling characters, and TLJ was just a mess of a story for me. I think the reconsidering you’re talking about is some folks realizing that playing it safe might be better than what they got in TLJ, so all things considered it’s the better option in hindsight.

But who the hell knows. People are jerks about stuff and mad for any number of reasons.

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I’m not so sure she’s the Skywalker of the title. At this point that seems too pat.



Agreed. But until I know otherwise I’m going with obvious face value for the time being.

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Nope, thats her blaster she picked up from Han in TFA