What was the source of Rey's [SPOILERS]? This and other Force Awakens questions answered!

Because I see the world through strange-colored glasses, I figured it was time to do some theorizing about Force Awakens.

Rey’s powers, Snoke’s identity, BB-8’s origins, and the new romance all explained!

(I’d repost in here but that’d be a lot of work!)


Good work on the leitmotif with Snoke/Plageius. I wouldn’t have noticed that. The mixing in Force Awakens made all the music barely audible in the theater when I saw it.

Really, I was pining for the fantastic old score from the orig tridge. Even the title crawl in Force Awakens feels like it was put in half-assed.

Also, I ship Finn and Poe so hard. It’d be awesome. Star Wars doing an interracial gay couple? Suddenly I’m delightfully confused, this is Star Wars, not Star Trek, right?


I probably only caught it because I was planning a Force Plague/Plagueis thing and had watched that same scene a couple of times before going the movie! So the seed was already stuck in my head and I was watching for more hints.

Apparently there are some people who are really into the soundtracks though, I found several people making the same comparison over on Youtube! This may be partly because of how often the soundtracks are. :smile:


Found a better animated GIF of Poe and Finn, unfortunately I can’t for the life of me find a gif of this exact sequence any bigger


Yeah, I ran into that one too, I figured I’d just hold out until we got a bigger version!

Plus I bet we’ll get the hug soon too, I’ll just retouch the article.

Oh man, I need to go back to the ‘end of everything’ article now that I’ve seen the movie and change the timeline a little, don’t I?


But Finn was hoping to get with Rey, no?

Perhaps he swings whichever way, sort of like half the characters in Torchwood.

But, yeah. Poe’s lip bite.

Maybe VIII will feature an unrequited love triangle? That would be wild.


That’s what I’ve been thinking. Finn definitely has a thing for Rey, and I was guessing Poe would end up odd-man out and that would be a motivator for some important plot point in the next film.




My ex and I used to call it Crotchwood. XD


Yes, but we don’t know yet why Kylo is wearing Revan’s helmet. Like, it’s totally Revan’s helmet.


Maybe the force is an STD, which is why Jedi aren’t allowed to have intimate relationships? If so, Han Solo could have been force sensitive since ROTJ.


I like that angle!

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I thought it was pretty obvious that Rey is Luke’s daughter?

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Perhaps too obvious, and that wouldn’t explain from a genetic standpoint how she could go head to head with a far better trained individual from essentially the same parentage, true?

Mind you, she could have a mother that’s also powerful that hasn’t been introduced, but right now the only known character that may be living that could have given her that much of an edge would be Snoke/Plagueis.

I like the ‘Rey is Luke’s daughter but was enhanced in vitro by Plagueis’ angle best myself, but it’s not the only viable one. It’s just not a sure thing that she’s ‘just Luke’s’

Heck, she could even be Kylo’s with the age difference, he’d just have to be a VERY plucky young lad.

I really want to see Leia show some more of her potential - we’ve seen her have a position of authority in the original trilogy and TFA and do a couple of stereotypically female things (sense Han’s death* and mother an influential person) along with a couple of examples of badassery (e.g. killing Jabba the Hutt), but we know that she must have significant Force power if only because she is the only Force-sensitive parent to Kylo Ren. Yoda aparently thought she was a big enough deal to be able to take on the Empire if Luke failed, so I’d like to see something a bit less subtle or conventional in the next films.

[* which is one reason why Han has to be dead. I don’t want to see him do a Boba Fett*.]

[* Boba Fett’s escape is all non-canonical now, right?]


As an aside, I love One Punch Man but I feel like the author could’ve exaggerated Saitama’s training regiment more. 100 push-ups, 100 sit-ups, 100 squats, and 10km of running is nothing. That’s not even enough to compete as an amateur boxer, let alone the grueling 5 hour regiment a typical professional fighter goes through.

I mean, Kylo got shot in the gut by a freaking bowcaster, and they constantly telegraphed how powerful the bowcaster was prior to Kylo’s confrontation with Han. It clearly did a number on him because he’s bleeding all over the place and punching at it while he’s chasing Finn and Rey.

When he finally got around to fighting Rey, he was wounded by Chewie and a lightsaber fight with Finn.

I think Rey is very obviously Luke’s daughter.

Kylo is confirmed to be 30 and Rey is confirmed to be 19. Somehow I doubt Disney would be open to the idea of a 10 year old boy fathering a child.

That certainly won’t stop the slash fiction, though. I’m sure some horrible mind out there has already made Han/Kylo incest stories.

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Not confirmed, just suspected to be. The only fixed references I found were in a Twitter account that says specifically it wasn’t cannon. But yeah, I agree which is why I didn’t think it very likely.

And yeah, I also think she’s most likely Luke’s daughter, but she did ramp up her power a lot more quickly than he did. So in the interest of having fun with things I’m going either…

  1. Snoke manipulated Rey in vitro to increase her abilities.
  2. The Midi-chlorians are mutating, which is why Kylo also demonstrates some abilities (like blaster-stopping-in-mid-air) that nobody else had
  3. Midi-chlorians feed off of dark matter (which was the source of the Starkiller’s power in the books) and they were in an area where they were particularly strong.
  4. She’s somebody else’s child entirely and was kept frozen for a while.
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Pablo Hidalgo said Kylo is 29-30. He’s part of the Lucasfilm Story Group which decides all canon. I’d say that’s a pretty damn credible canon source.

As for Rey’s age, the Star Wars Visual Dictionary does indeed confirm that she’s 19.

It’s interesting to think about what Snoke’s end game might be. I’m assuming there’s gonna be history between him and Luke.


I think so too, but Pablo’s got a big disclaimer up there “Creative Executive, Lucasfilm Story Group. Duly appointed defender of the Tyrest Accord. Holder of the Sacred Chalice of Rixx. Don’t cite tweets as canon.

So I figured I’d be respectful. I don’t see a reason why those ages shouldn’t be right mind you! I was honestly mostly joking about the Kylo/Ren/Dad bit…because that’d be kinda creepy.

I still think Snoke is Plagueis (I went into it a bit in the article), and I’m definitely not the only one there. There certainly are a lot of things that nudge in that direction. (I hit on a couple of them in the article)

That’d make his history pretty strong with the Skywalker legacy and explain why we didn’t see him in episodes IV-VI…he obviously needs a new body, maybe he was just needing one who could contain his not-insignificant abilities, right?