The highlight of the Superbowl was this trailer for Solo: A Star Wars Story


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Looks good! And also, it has the mother of dragons!


That is all.


Guardians of the Star Wars?


For me, it was the impromptu fireworks display outside my window. Went on for some time - someone planned ahead for this. Spent a bit too.

It was a bit noisy in Philly last night - no sleep possible till late. I did not join the “festivities”. Though I have to say - lot’s of those folks were from the burbs.


Fly Solo fly!


I can’t wait for the sequel, “Pas de Deux.”


Am I the only one who was blown away by the revelation that the Falcon’s hallways were once CLEAN? Well, a couple years of bachelor living between then and episode IV sure took care of that.



Whoops! Wrong fandom! :wink:


Impossible to know from one trailer, but it looks to me like they are continuing the trend of the “star wars story” movies being much better that the trilogy films…


I’ve already seen talk of boycotting the movie because the lead actor doesn’t look or sound like Harrison Ford. I mean c’mon…


Yes, it’s yumminess can be felt.


I’m surprised there aren’t boycotts because there is a speeder race that isn’t using swoops.


But he’s still a swaggering misogynist, right? I mean, priorities.


Well, those a-holes can just wait for the Deepfakes remix.


Okay, Lucas-Disney…
I´m in.
I´ll give this a chance.
I´m still displeased about Last Jedi, but this looks actually like fun.




I’ve certainly noticed that Solo appears to be continuing a trend in which the SWS films are allowed to deviate more radically from the established aesthetic of the Trilogy than the new Proper Episodes do, which I think is good. They still feel like Star Wars, but definitely have a distinct flavor to them that sets them apart.

He’s no worse a match than River Phoenix was in Last Crusade, IMO. I wasn’t anti-this film’s existence before, I was just ambivalent. Now that we have a trailer, I’m cautiously optimistic about it. It looks like an Ocean’s Eleven-style heist film, which should be a fun romp. I kind of hope they keep the grungy tone to the score.


I approve of the Bond-style music. Hans Solo is basically James Bond in space, anyway.