The name of the next Star Wars movie is


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Dammit! I never cared about a young Han Solo story and I care less now that I know Ron Howard is the director.


the name of the next star wars movie is…wgaf


For some reason, my first thought was of:

But there are so many movies by that name already that it was actually a bit difficult to find in the IMDB results.


Everything from the set has been sounding terrific. Ron Howard’s a pro and an old hand at Lucasfilm stuff, has been around and worked on Star Wars related things for literally decades. I think he’ll do a good job and the cast is looking great. Looking forward to this.

Well, I do, for one.


Why even comment, then?
Do you also announce to the world whenever you get a chance that you also don’t have a TV?
Personally, I’m pretty excited that they’ve decided to continue with this universe - it’s been a fun one since I saw the first movie as an 11 year old kid in ‘77.


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I don’t have a TV.

Of course, I only say this in case anyone would like to buy me one. :wink:


i’m excited to see it, but i have to say that this is the most NON-SPOILERY title i could imagine. it literally gives away nothing… there’s nothing for fans to obsess over and speculate on with a title like that. well played, Disney!


It’s going to be a one-man show, with singing and dancing. Solo will be played by an as-yet-to-be-decided Skarsgard sibling.


That’s so bad it’s possibly good.


Well, all the kids today like to watch on their mobile devices. Me, I’m ready to get a 65 inch 4K to replace the 55 inch lowly 1080p Sony. :slight_smile:




Solo?!. But that guy is always with Chewbacca. Why isn’t he Han Duo?

(I forget the name of the stand-up comedian who said that dumb joke was the only part of his routine that people would remember, but he was right)




We have been deprived of the opportunity to ponder whether he may be the descendant of a noble family of French spacefarers, the Soleaux.

And also to ponder the existence of distinctly French spacefarers.



I am definitely going to be flagged if I touch any of the myriad of French jokes here.


How long my parsec.


Silence of the Porgs!