New trailer for Solo: A Star Wars Story.... I have a bad feeling about this.


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I too worry about the director change. Get your shit together Disney. I thought Rogue was a mushy mess and it took me a couple viewings to find things I liked about it.

I’m also put out by Woody being the default sci-if exposition character now. It is another warning sign that this movie wasn’t made for my sensibilities.

Finally, it appears to me that this will be a flash back montage of all of the peak stories from Hans past… we learn where all his one liners came from, the falcon bet, saving chewie, etc etc. If Solo ends in the cantina, I might pull the arms off a Gondar. I dont mind pandering to the classic trilogy, but dont make pandering the main story line again. Instead of experiencing a new story and adventure, I will often be reminded “hey, remember how awesome it was when x was mentioned in empire!”.

But the tone of the movie apears different so that is comforting. I’m still excited to see it, and still believe the star wars franchise to be some of the better alien action movies being made.


The non-Skywalker movies are turning out to be best I think. They are less constrained by history. Its a big universe and there should be room for stuff which Luke never saw. I didn’t see The Last Jedi but I may see this movie.


I liked the new cantina scene.



While I’m definitely taking the cynical side here, this mostly smells of “cash grab” to me. It’s not really hard to imagine the board meeting: “How can we make more money off Star Wars?” “How about we turn this too into an ‘expanded universe’ thing and make pretty much every possible genre of film within it?” “Sounds like a winner! What’s first?” “I was thinking ‘Gone in 60 seconds’ in space, just with the entire story being stuff that was alluded to or mentioned in the original trilogy.”


My expectations for anything Star Wars is pretty fucking low – yes, blame for that rests just about 100% on Mr Lucas’s shoulders.

That said, every single one of the Disney Star Wars movies to date has been excellent^, so I am looking forward to this one too.

^ Although I was a bit peeved by the way the Last Jedi seemed to be retreading bits of Empire Strikes Back (at least it wasn’t a slavish remake like the Force Awakens was). I’d love it for the mainline sequels to be a little bit less wedded to being recapitulations and rehashes of the original trilogy.


Alden Ehrenreich’s turn in Hail Caesar is one of the funniest things that I’ve ever seen

He’s very talented, and the cast continues to delight. I was curious who plays Lando’s droid and found it was Phoebe Waller-Bridge of “Fleabag”!


When I saw the stills showing the new actor wearing the leather jacket and gun belt I was thinking “Who wears essentially the same outfit (including the same accessories) from young adulthood until retirement age? Must the prequel writers treat the audience like idiots who won’t realize that this is supposed to be the same character unless he dresses the same way throughout his entire life?”

Then I remembered The Young Indiana Jones Chronicles posited the idea of a man wearing the same hat every day for over 75 years.


i am absolutely fine with making a Han Solo “origin/beginnings” flick that is about a heist. When we first meet him, he is a rogue, a criminal, a smuggler. I feel like Ron Howard isn’t the guy to make a caper flick though…where was Guy Ritchie? though I am certain his style, as much as I love it, doesn’t meld well into the Star Wars universe.

I’m hopeful. I liked Force Awakens. I liked Rogue One. I haven’t watched Last Jedi yet.

The real issue to me is not comparing it to the SWU…it’s comparing it to the other scifi/hero properties. How will it compare to Black Panther, DP2, Infinity War, Antman and the Wasp, and others being released this year?


You might be surprised:


I remember seeing the trailers for “Star Trek: Beyond” and thinking that the movie was going to be a run-of-the-mill science fiction action flick that wasn’t Star Trek at all.

The movie was way better than the trailer indicated. It wasn’t a “Undiscovered Country” or “Wrath of Kahn”, but the trailer didn’t do a good job of selling it to me.

I liked Rogue One quite a bit. I liked the way they tied it directly (as in "the next sceen after this movie is the first scene of the origin) to the original. BUT. They’ve done that. I hope they don’t do it again.

I will see it. I hope it’s good. We’ll find out.


This trailer looks fantastic. It has everything I want in a Star Wars movie, Donald Glover looks perfect for the role, and I’ll be there opening day.


I gues you could take issue with it in The Force Awakens, but Ford was only 35 when he first played Solo. This version is supposed to be what…mid-20s? I’ve definitely kept clothes for 10 years.


I’m excited to see it. Our 17 year-old son, who has been a SW fanatic forever, is wary. He basically thinks it will suck.


If you think about it, Independence Day was essentially a space caper film about a couple of guys hatching a plan to sneak into the alien mothership. Howard really missed a golden opportunity to make Will Smith wear a silly costume as part of a comically bad attempt to pass himself off as an alien security guard though.


We’re too old, movie wasn’t made for us. Doesn’t matter what we think, let the kids decide if they like it or not.


Everything from the second movie onwards is a ‘cash grab’ in a way of course.

But the prequels were futile and the disney stuff is even futiler. With the last movie being the futilest.

With all the superhero movies getting pumped out you tend to forget it’s also possible to write a new story once in a while, so you kind of accept that they keep flogging the same dead horses over and over. But if you stop and think about it you find out it’s better not to waste your time with hollywood’s output.



Our age is retrospective. It builds the cinematic sepulchers of the fathers.

Not Ralph Waldo Emerson


I have had low expectations about this from about the beginning. I have some hopes that Ron Howard will be able to pull it off - he is good. I love Donald Glover and his mom told him to not screw up… But, if the story is shit, then it is going to be shit. Even though you have Kasdan on the screenplay. Aiden Ehrenriech I have low hopes of pulling off Han. In the clips, he doesn’t really seem like the swaggering smuggler we know. In the past people would want to do their own take, but I really think you need to act like Harrison Ford playing Han, not Aiden playing Han. Then again, he is young, so maybe he hasn’t built up the confidence to swagger yet.

At any rate, I will still go watch it. I hope they DON’T put in Boba Fett. Or if they do have it where Han goes to the bathroom and bumps into him, spilling his drink, and Fett is like, “Oi! I got my eye on you, kid.” And does that hand thing where you point to your eyes and then to the person.


I haven’t seen the other films, mainly because I don’t want to feel committed to watching the next film, then the next, etc.

A simple heist movie? Yeah, I can get behind this. The cast and special effects look great, it looks compelling and fun. I’ll see it.