This is the trailer you are looking for... Star Wars: The Last Jedi


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Holy Crap, I just saw this on TV. I am at the bar in the basement of my apt. building as I code some stuff for tomorrow.

Everything stopped while it was on.

I am not kidding.


Dang. I’m in. Production, design, and acting should be there. Lets hope the story is a bit better than last time.

Better stock up on that carbon fiber looking vinyl before all the cosplayers snatch it up to make Kylo Band-Aids. Also glad to see Phantasma is more than just set dressing this time.


I hope so, the last movie gave phasma negative credibility.


I just wanna know if Luke is going to steal Rey’s food, and beat on BB-8 with a stick.


I feel as if this may finally be relevant. 100% director sanctioned. If it doesn’t end up on the soundtrack, I’ll be crushed.


I love the shit out of both the Mountain Goats and this song.

It does make me kinda sad that it’s such a good Star Wars song before it goes off into crazytown though. It makes me want him to do another, longer, less silly song. Then a longer silly song. Then a concept album.


Most of us just have laundry rooms down there. Maybe storage.


Yeah. It is a weird place to live, I am moving out in Jan.

If you want to read about the building, PM me. It is neat.


Chewie looks kind of crappy there, does’t he? Like a game from ~10 years ago?


Is it just me, or does it feel amazing to hear the voice of Luke Skywalker? Not just Mark Hamill–but Luke Friggin’ Skywalker.

This movie is going to be rife with angst, in the best way.


Could be the first CGI wookie genitals in the series. Or am I the only one thinking that.


Do you mean Force Awakens? I was decently satisfied with Rogue One.

The best review I read of of Force Awakens pinned it as everything we knew we wanted but nothing we didn’t know we needed, i.e. faithful to the source material but not ground breaking.

This guy tends to be a bit Pollyannish, but he makes reasonable arguments so this assessment gives me some optimism…


Kind of surprising she still has a job considering the only thing of consequence she did in the first movie was enabling the resistance to destroy a multi-quadrillion-dollar-base.

No way Brienne of Tarth would have flipped like that just because someone put a blaster to her head.


Certainly, but what is his job in the movie? To give the backstory of whats-his-face?


YESSSSSS. i got chills.


It makes Snoke look more interesting for sure.


It looks like Chewbacca brought his own porgs hors d’oeuvres.


Heeheehee. I, for one, am hyped.
This looks pretty sweet.


CGI Chewbacca and Porgs look stupid.
Destroyed anything looked forward to in the rest of the trailer.