Actually, Solo is good

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It’s a lot of fun.


Does no one else worry about wookie toilet hygiene?


I really can’t think of this as a stand alone film.

(I couldn’t help but laugh when I heard Darth Maul’s robot butt)


I thought it was a good movie too. I couldn’t understand why they are so critical of it but, then again I like Fahrenheit 451 the movie and the internet hated that.


Hey, I enjoyed The Last Jedi


Absurd. Wookies don’t excrete waste.


wookiies do the thing that dogs do when they poop, but it’s really exaggerated, like they can totally relax their sphincter and blast out a big poop-depositing rectal prolapse, then muscle all that plumbing right back in.


I liked Solo overall, but it’s kind of silly to call it a standalone movie when it throws in a weird third-act reveal that assumes the audience has been following multiple seasons of a spinoff cartoon series.

Darth Maul was basically a henchman/enforcer in The Phantom Menace, a brooding toughie with almost no dialogue and little hint as to his motivations or backstory. More or less the same role Oddjob filled in Goldfinger, but with a fancy double-lightsaber instead of a bowler hat.

So for those of us who didn’t watch the Expanded Universe stuff where he was developed into a full-fledged character of his own, Maul’s reappearance was just weird. Especially since he seemed pretty definitively dead at the end of Episode I. I mean, the dude was bisected somewhere north of the pelvis just before falling into a giant pit. Did he land in a super high-tech trauma ward or something? Does he have a robotic colon now? Is Jango Fett’s reanimated head going to make a surprise appearance at some point?


My wife and I saw it last weekend. We. It’s thought it was a great movie. Incredibly fun and exciting. I’m not sure what people are complaining about.

Also, I liked the fact that it didn’t seem to have any of the weight that the other newer Star Wars movies carry with them. It seems the creators gave nods to the Star Wars legacy without taking it too seriously.


The more civilized ones now use a wookie bidet.


Totally agreed. I was vaguely aware that Maul had survived the Phantom Menace, because my chatty 10 year old kid watched the Clone Wars cartoons and has mentioned it to me before. But if I didn’t have kids, I would have been hugely confused (although maybe if I didn’t have kids, I would have found time to watch the Clone Wars myself…). And even with the kid, I had to go home and look up Maul on Wookieepedia to figure out what they were trying to do by putting Maul in that scene.


How do people feel about Han shooting Beckett before Beckett could even draw?

On the one hand, it’s kind of a fun hat-tip to fans (and a fun eye-poke in the direction of 1990s Lucas). On the other hand, it was so unsubtle that the kid sitting behind me (who was maybe 8 years old) yelled out “Han shot first!” as soon as it happened. Based on my smile when it happened, and my LOL when the kid behind me yelled out, I think I approve. I approve even more of that kid’s upbringing. And was disappointed that I had to explain it to my own kids afterwards.


It was fun, sure, but it all felt utterly inconsequential that i’m not sure i’m interested in repeat viewings and i’ll just mostly forget it. Here’s han meeting lando for the first time: great. Here’s han meeting chewie for the first time: neat. Here’s han and chewie seeing the falcon for the first time: cool etc. I just don’t think i needed a 2 hour plus film to cover these events.

Plus it has some unbelievably ham-fisted writing (han’s surname) and clumsy social commentary (l3’s #metoo moments). As to that last point, despite trying to shoehorn in some politics(!) the female characters are still given very scant attention and only have agency in relation to the male characters, whether they sacrifice themselves (val - in the first half hour no less) are someone’s possession (qi’ra) or get plugged into the falcon and lose all autonomy (l3). I think it’s all just lazy.


Great, now I have an image in my head of a Wookie using their arms to scoot their butt across a carpet like a dog with an itchy behind… :-/


I thought Solo was a really fun and entertaining flick. It’s not the best Star Wars film around but it’s not the worst either. Not every movie is going to be the best one ever each time.

I liked force awakens and last Jedi quite a bit. But I have enjoyed both rogue one and solo a lot more. They are fun and energetic with new and old characters that are fun on screen without being the standard mold of skywalker-like people.


@David Mizejewski
Perhaps you’d put the spoilers behind a click-through?

I was fine with that part. What made less sense to me is why Beckett walked out of Dryden Vos’ yacht with the hyperfuel without even trying to shoot him. I mean his character’s entire motivation was that he was indebted to Vos and wouldn’t be safe anywhere in the galaxy if the tried to run. So logically his final move should have been either

  1. Give Vos the hyperfuel as agreed so he wouldn’t have to spend the rest of his life looking over his shoulder, or
  2. Murder Vos and keep the hyperfuel for himself, maybe even steal Vos’ fancy yacht as a bonus

In no scenario does “leave Vos alive and even more likely to send mercenaries to murder Beckett than he was before” make sense. He would have shot Han given a chance but not Vos? Stupid.


i was lukewarm about the need for a Solo movie going in, especially after all the drama that happened during the filming, but when the credits rolled i found myself really liking it, and hoping for a sequel. i want to see where Maul’s story goes (and if it leads to a Kenobi standalone movie i’m definitely on board), and i am hoping there’s a chance to explore more of the Wookiee home world and culture. so yeah, fun movie, not super heavy, and it didn’t need to be.