The highlight of the Superbowl was this trailer for Solo: A Star Wars Story

looks pretty awesome to me.

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Finally George Lucas has figured out a way to make some money off this whole Star Wars thing.



Meh. Looks a bit dour really and like han solo cosplay because harrison ford is han solo.

Well he’s also Jack Ryan but that hasn’t stopped Amazon from casting John Krasinski.

(Ignore rumors about Ben Affleck or Alec Baldwin playing that role as they are patently ridiculous.)


In name only as far as i’m concerned. Solo is such an iconic role which he made his own that i can understand why people cannot buy into this, see also indy.

ETA: not that i’m going to boycott it or rage about it on social media like a fragile little broflake.


Oh man, can you imagine the fan outrage if someone tried to chronicle the adventures of a young Indiana Jones?


It’s a GoT crossover?


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Would longtime fans really be able to accept a storyline about a one-handed blonde knight caught up in an icky romantic relationship with his own twin sister?




Ok, I dissed the idea of this movie a long time ago. I really only ever wanted to see Ford do Solo and I don’t think this Ehrenreich looks or sounds all that much like him; but he does appear to have the mannerisms and intonation mostly down and, of course, space invertebrates! So, yeah, this looks pretty good.

My wife and I have just been having the best time the past few years watching the new SW and MCU movies with our kids. We eat all that stuff up in my house.


LOLOL You fuuuunnny. heehee :rofl:

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However, whoever they found to play Lando looks very Lando-ish.

Maybe he’ll get the next movie?

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Lando is being played by Donald Glover, aka Troy from Community. You may also have seen him as Childish Gambino, tearing down the joint at the Grammys.

True story: After I saw the ad, I immediately tried to look up Lando at the IMDb before I remembered what the movie was called.

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Wow. Am I the only one that thinks it looks like hot garbage on a shiny plate? Oh well, I guess there’s always gotta be one naysaying asshole, doesn’t there.


I kind of feel like they’re forcing the cape just because that’s what we saw him wearing in Empire. It made sense in that context because it was a mark of rank and prestige; a symbol of how far a hustler-turned-city administrator had come since his humble beginnings.

So now I guess the reasoning is just that he’s always been into capes?


That defines all of the new films, really.

I’d have thought finding someone who resembles Harrison Ford would’ve been kind of a priority.

Or what the hell, just fucken CGI his face on.

Kinda lame they didn’t even bother getting the casting right, IMO

i swear i saw a cg chewbacca… were my eyes deceiving me?

Chewie was CG in The Last Jedi :frowning: (although Peter Mayhew was apparently “Chewbacca consultant”).

I don’t mind that the actor doesn’t look much like Ford, but it’d probably help if the voice/phrasing was a bit closer. Chris Pine did a good job in that regard mimicing Shatner for the Star Trek reboot, for example.

Woody Harrelson is always likeable and fun, but for some reason he doesn’t scan right here, for me at least. Also the female team member looks awfully like Jyn from Rogue One, and I has a confuse.

(Lucasian plot idea: they’re sisters!!!?)

I say all this as someone with no objection to this movie whatsoever, and overall I’m pretty stoked about it. I hope we see Han “fly from one side of the galaxy to the other and [see] a lot of strange stuff” :wink:

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He’s wrapped up his role as Superbowl Winning Quarterback.

(no seriously, that guy is Jim from the Office, listen to him talk!!)