Watch the new trailer for Rogue One: A Star Wars Story


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Give more for to me. I want alls the things.

Seriously, I’m pretty psyched to see this.


Star Trek needs something like this. A story set in the universe, but not part of Starfleet. Colonists on a distant world or a trading ship surviving on the rim of the Federation. The down and dirty part of the verse (like Firefly but with warp drive!).


Okay, I am so looking forward to this.


Shut up and take my money.


I HEAR THAT THIS HAS THE EMPIRE AS LADIES! #notmyimperialstormtroopers


This is already far better than Episode VII.


Finally, something good comes of 2016.


The new actual-real-no-joke trailer (reportedly with Darth Vader!) is rumored to be appearing later today — they just showed it at Star Wars Celebration.

This behind the scenes segment is awesome though :slight_smile:


Easily my favorite thing about this sort of thing ( for any movie, really ) is getting to see adults filled with glee at what they’re doing. I’m jealous they get to have such fun but I’m glad someone is doing it.


I promised myself I wouldn’t get hyped over this. I promised!
Its just a movie, just another movie.
All I can do is try to avoid any new trailers.


Totally agreed. It’s so cool to see people who grew up with Star Wars getting to be a part of it… and not just any Star Wars movie, but one that tells a story that a lot of people (like me) who grew up watching these as they came out in the theater only dreamed of seeing one day. As the director says, it’s not a small task to make a movie that literally leads right into A New Hope. Looking forward to it.


Ditto. The return to a preference for practical sets and effects makes it so much easier to get excited about these films, too. On-set shots from the prequels were so dull and full of green screens by comparison. I can’t imagine how draining it must have been as an actor to work in that sort of void. It’s also fun to see what they go through to do stuff on set, as opposed to in post. That gimballed flight rig in front of the giant projection screen was super cool.


Ferengi Family Robinson?


Will Quark’s mom be in it? Cause I’d watch that, for sure!


That one part where the guy is getting in the Xwing cockpit (I think) and he’s just grinning & laughing. Made me smile seeing that.


The return to more practical effects is welcomed.

Large, out door sets is welcomed. Watch the prequels and realize that for the most part nearly EVERYTHING took place in a sound stage sized set except the CGI action. So this expansive, massive galaxy was actually just a large room. Even when one of the many “walking and talking” shots were done, they had to stop because they ran out of walking area.

But also the art direction is a breath of fresh air. It just looks more “Star Warsy”.

And the weapons look like real weapons. OMG those clone rifles where they took parts from the old blasters and flipped them around etc… so you have this knobby thing that was sorta looking like a scope as a hand grip. Just - ugh. Horrible.

And creatures and aliens that look real.

I hope the plot is solid. It doesn’t have to be stellar, just make it solid guys and gals.

Nice to see Warwick Davis - the original Star Wars nerd.



Meanwhile… they got the producer’s son, who has some experience in the new “Photoshop”, to create the first official poster. A real cost savings on this blockbuster film!

Seriously. Click through to see the large version. Then feel free to illuminate all the horrible photoshopping errors, and the simply bizarre scene to begin with.


What the heck was that raccoon man.