Star Wars: The Force Awakens trailer with much unseen footage!

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Chewie set us up the bomb.


I submitted this, but I suspect I wasn’t the first.

Though my comment was funnier.

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Oh, that’s dirty @pesco, especially because there actually IS more footage available <a href=>right here.



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I had a nerdgasm.


On the one hand, if this movie sucks it’s going to be SO disappointing.

On the other hand, the prequels were so disappointing, it’s hard to imagine that this isn’t going to be absolutely terrific by comparison,

In any case, the trailers make this movie look phenomenal, to the point that I’m trying to deliberately dial back my expectations.


Oooooh boy. Those epic wide shots are just gorgeous. Also, the visual distortion around the lightsabers? hnnnnng

And those TIEs coming through the atmosphere is one of the best shots I’ve seen - period. I am giddy.


Seems to boost the theory that its Luke Skywalker in the black helmet.

What are these “prequels” that you speak of? A rare disease?

Forget this, you must.


Don’t pander to the FX. The story - it better be good.


Yeah, I’m also starting to feel that new lightsaber. It seems very hateful.

How so?

They’ve flat out said “Kylo Ren isn’t Skywalker” though Abrams does have a history of lying (“There is no Khan.”).

Mainly because Mark Hamill isn’t appearing in the trailer otherwise.

It damn well better not be Jar Jar Binks!


Yep but we have at least two people saying that there is a reason for that and he’s not the guy in the mask…

Not to mention that Kylo Ren is played by Adam Driver, who is a bit young to be Mark Hamil.

If it were just about the story, I wouldn’t be watching a movie…an inherently visual medium. But since none of us are able to judge the story yet since, you know, it hasn’t been released - I think I’ll get excited about what I’m able to experience.

Thanks though.

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