The 20 best anime movies not made by Studio Ghibli


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I was always a big fan of Jin-Roh: The Wolf Brigade. Just me?


I’ve been watching primarily anime TV shows for the past 6 months. This list looks fun. I will start trying to watch these between each series.

Edit: Oops, didn’t mean to direct my general comment at you @uniqueusername.


You can make it up to me by watching Jin-Roh: The Wolf Brigade, and letting me know your thoughts.


Heh. Seems if you take out Ghibli, you will inevitably wind up with Hosada and Kon. And Shinkai.

I’ll take Mind Game over Tekkonkinkreet, personally. Much more memorable.

Too bad no Lupin III movies made the cut – they vary widely in quality, but I hear Red vs Green is quite the standout.

[quote=“uniqueusername, post:2, topic:92219, full:true”]I was always a big fan of Jin-Roh: The Wolf Brigade. Just me?[/quote]It has no shortage of fans, but I for one cannot quite see what all the fuss is about. It does not help that it assumes considerable familiarity with the “Kerberos saga”.


Yeah. I’m not surprised to see Satoshi Kon so heavily represented, but I was disappointed to see nothing by Masaaki Yuasa. Mind Game, at least, certainly!


Redline is pretty freakin’ fantastic in terms of sheer art quality. The content pales to the presentation but the presentation’s superb.


i think akira should be number one every time not just for the film.
something like 90 percent of the management in modern anime production came from that one movie and one of the biggest problems facing Japanese anime production as they age out.


Interesting list.
Anime i’ve loved - Ghost in the Shell, The Girl Who Leapt Through Time
And two anime that put me off anime full stop for the best part of five years as a teenager when i was first introduced to anime by those two - Akira and Neon Genesis Evangelion.
(and a good third of those left i’ve not viewed at all so cannot comment)

Anime is a wide and varied area :slight_smile:

Of that list though, Barefoot Gen is the one that truly scares me.
Grave of the Fireflies similarity leads me to believe this is a similarly awesome anime, but one viewing of Grave of the Fireflies was more than enough (On a similar level for those that’ll enjoy these type of anime, another one that was excellent yet traumatised me was Tokyo Magnitude 8.0), i doubt i could handle a rewatch or anything similar… Too emotionally raw for me.
Watch one of these for sure, though you may need to limit it to one viewing only.


Will do. :slight_smile:


Mind Game never makes lists like this. I imagine this is because legitimate DVD/BluRay copies are very difficult to find meaning a) list-makers have a hard time finding it, and b) authors can’t make money off affiliate links when there’s nothing to buy. :slight_smile:


Very much agreed. When I started my anime binge 6 months ago I was a bit freaked out that all of the titles I had heard about in passing, I did not like. I now know that many shonen show’s are wildly popular and not my cup of tea and that seinen is more likely to appeal to me but not to many others. That’s a very broad generalization that does not denote All in either case.


In case you haven’t found it yet, i’d highly reccomend anidb for browsing, it’s a good tool to narrow down suggestions to areas you might enjoy :slight_smile:

(basically anime IMDB)


Ninja Scroll? A classic sure, but was the rape necessary? The article never mentioned it which was odd. Also, no Dead Leaves.


Especially Caliostro, which is Miyazaki but I think technically not Studio Ghibli.

I would add Metropolis to this list, at least I found it better than the 3.5 others on the list I’ve seen. (On the other hand, I’m not the target demographic.) For example, The Boy and the Beast has a great premise and setup, but an unsatisfying, muddled ending.

The great thing about Miyazaki is he usually sticks the endings.


If they have to be movies.

Glad to see Paprika high on that list. Mesmerising!

All three of the above are drop-dead-gorgeous films, although Dead Leaves has a very idiosyncratic style. In fact, I’m going to go and watch one of them now. I mean, real eye-candy… maaann!


:heart_eyes: Cool… This is new to me. Thank you.

I have been using the phone app AOZora to track what I am watching and to find new anime. It does a decent job giving info about a show but another source is much appreciated.


Acht! I knew I was forgetting several things; those are all fine choices. It’s strange how little is said of Steamboy.

Dead Leaves is from the same people who made FLCL but somehow manages to be even more depraved and less comprehensible.


It is a bit of a minefield to start with! :smiley:

This is one of the reasons boingboing is lovely, few places can you seriously discuss things like anime without it immediately descending into trolling or being specialist communities you might not find…


Absolutely. Anime seems to get a pass here thankfully. Everyone is too busy arguing about why trump won, gun control and sexism in games.