The future as described by anime

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Needs more apocalypse


With that music I’m totally for the apocalypse.

PD: You are already dead.


So… my house has been debating… is Attack on Titan set in the future, the past, or somewhere that isn’t earth? The technology, architecture, and even some of the clothing strikes me as 15th-16th century central Europe, except with some things like the gear they use, especially since they work on compressed gas.

Anyone know? Or have an educated guess? Or an uneducated guess? Or random speculation?

Easy explanation: PLOT-tech!™

PLOT-tech!™ allows you to use any technology imaginable in any historical setting:

  • Medieval mechas.
  • Steampunk.
  • Retrofuturism.
  • Swords in the present/future.
  • Giant robots all around.
  • Invincible katana steel.
  • Nudity based force fields.
  • Giant buildings that should not be able to flight but do so.

Disregard all in-deep explanations!



See… it’s this stuff that can make being an historian a bit of a pain. My instinct, after years of study, is to place things historically and then, well, as you say,


yup, 80s/early 90s Jpop is great


I’d guess it’s like Bastard, where it’s the future but an apocalyptic weapon reduced civilization to a medieval technology.

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That’s what I was thinking. The appearance of the titans so decimated humanity, that 100 years later, they are knocked back a few centuries… assuming a progressive view of history, natch.

BTW - I haven’t heard of Bastard? Any good? We just started watching Gargantia this week.

Pretty sure it’s set in Anime-land, which, judging by the architecture, must be a suburb of Disneyland. I’ve been watching Sora no Wota, which also takes place there - a vaguely medieval European town with modern technology when needed, and Shinto shrines for some reason. Signs are printed in English, German, French, or whatever comes to hand - but never Kanji.

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Bastard is at it’s best as a comedy, overall it hasn’t aged as well as some of it’s counterparts.

As far as medieval anime go it’s mostly down to Berserk, Slayer and Records of Lodoss Wars.


One thing I thought was interesting about Attack was the fact that Mikasa is the only person who’s clearly Japanese. Everyone else is European (at least from their names, one would assume that).

I’ve seen a couple of other animes set in something resembling Germany - one my daughter watched as a younger kid, A Little Snow Fairy, Sugar, set in a German village (they even sent people to some small town to copy it) and Moonphase, which begins in modern Germany in a castle. Seems like there was another one we saw too, but I’m blanking now.

Is Sora no Wota worth seeing? Always looking for new series to watch with the family.

I’ve heard of Berserk, but not the other two. I’ll have to check them out at some point.

I’m impressed. It’s starts off like K-on in the army, but halfway through, the war comes to town.



AoT makes my head hurt. Trying…so… hard… to suspend… belief…

Not really spoilers - but if you want to know nothing, stop reading.

I mean, they have these amazing, basically magic 3DMG systems, but all their other tech is from the 1500s. Cannons? Muzzle loaders? I mean even back then they had some serious exploding shells and mortars. They should be able to make cannons that would turn the smaller ones to hamburger. You would think they would have at least WWI capable artillery, which would make short work of all but the most powerful titans.

Ok, so somehow they forgot how to gun. How do they fill those air tanks? Assuming they could make alloys strong enough to keep say 3000psi of air in a tank, how are they going to fill those tanks? They would need at least a basic type of engine, which I don’t think I have seen yet. There are no cars. The boats use some sort of pulley system.

They have like the worst evacuation scheme ever. Why are there not tunnels under all the towns? They could hide there and flee at night, or have the tunnels connect between the walls. Since they don’t eat cows or crops, they could even farm in that “lost” ring, or even outside the walls if they had a look out for the farms and quick evac tunnels. They even mention an underground city or something at the end - but it was abandoned???

WHY is everyone a freaking cowards that joins the military. They join just so they can get on the royal guard? Go be a farmer or a merchant and you won’t have to fight titans either. Its like someone joining the SEALs and then not want to shoot people and jump out of air planes. I guess I can understand some people suffering from shock afterwards, but before hand, when they are young, dumb, and gun-ho, they should all be chomping at the bit to kill Titans. But nearly every one is a complete wuss.

Finally, WHY are they so bad fighting the titans? I can think of several ways to systematically take them out. Lure one or two back at a time to an ambush. In the open fields you can set up trip wires, devise some sort of bolo system, use the 3DMG to do an AT-AT type maneuver to tie up their feet. Hunt them at night when most of them are slow. And again, cart mounted canons. Even if they can’t kill them, they could blind or damage them enough to make them easier to kill.

Also WHY have they not gone to the basement? I would have bee-lined it there the first I found out about it.

That said, I finally watched the first season and I am hooked.

Not SURE she is Japanese, but she is supposed to be one of the last Asians left.

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I was first introduced to anime while living in Scotland in the mid nineties. They came in the form of a dozen or so of VHS tapes owned by a friend of mine with titles such as Ninja Scroll, Akira, Vampire Hunter D, Ghost in the Shell, Fist of the North Star, and others I can’t remember.

At the beginning of most of those tapes was a short (1 to 2 minutes) series of clips (from those anime) advertising the distributor (I assume) set to some pseudo heavy metal riff. Now I associate anime with that music even though I haven’t heard it since…

I’ve tried to find it since then but all the ads I found (some almost identical) had a different sound track. It’s possible that version was unique to Scotland or the UK (I moved to the US shortly after) and that’s why I’ve been unable to find it…

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I try, I promise! I think it’s a great anime… but I can’t help myself!!!

That’s what I thought, too. I’m not a military historian, but that’s my sense of things. Plus, you see people in the center city who are dressed from that era (early modern European).

In the show they actually call her “oriental”, which is outmoded terminology, of course. But I assumed Japanese, because Mikasa is a Japanese name, as far as I can tell. Doesn’t sound Korean or Chinese or Vietnamese to me. Not that I’m an expert by any means.

I think they tried, but they got caught by the female titan (who is you know who).

But the whole not going after them at night, I don’t understand that either. Except that they don’t have means of lighting their way other than fire. No flashlights, floodlights, no electric lighting in cities, etc. It would make warfare doing tricky stuff hard.

As for the ringed cities (and number of people left), you don’t get a sense of how much land is left, and how big the settlement is. Given the miles then went when they left the second wall to go to the basement, it seemed like a days ride to the city that Eren was from, at least, but with a huge contingent, and a pretty complicated way of traveling to minimize casualties (before they knew about the female titan).

Was it this, perhaps?

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Holy Guacamole!!

That’s definitely it, though my memory made it sound a little more epic…

And of course it isn’t Japanese. (Swiss … interesting … )

Aww, mentions frontier without the original Macross

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How about this?:

It looks like they got it right.