How anime avatars became a warning


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Did you ever want to play questions?
You can't "boost" your immune system with "health food," nor would you want to

I feel vindicated by this topic.


That’s a load of crap. I feel i’m more likely to argue with gamergaters because of my anime avatar because they might feel that we’re on equal ground in geekdom. And besides there’s very little proof that having such avatars would indicate somebody’s stance on feminism


The one person I know with an anime avatar is a sensitive trans lesbian who’s deep into yuri.


As an “egg”, I feel superior to anyone who cares enough to choose an avatar.


“Books and Covers: In Search of the New Fedora”


(waits for someone with anime avatar to comment “who cares!? this is stupid. u r fat. lol.”)


An Edward Gorey avatar, on the other hand, is the sure sign of refinement and intelligence.



I was just looking up something flattering to say in response about people with E.H. Shepard avatars that aren’t from Winnie-the-Pooh, when it haltingly dawned on me for the first time that this is Arnold Lobel Toad, not Kenneth Grahame Mr. Toad!

Now I don’t know what to think of myself!


People with avatars of their pet hedgehogs are also a clear warning, but for different reasons.


Don’t look at me, I’m just a little duckie enjoying my morning tea.


This is stoopid lol. why do u think YOUR oponions are more important than MINE jus because I am so otaku and weeaboo? This site sucks lol


Do we have a sequel to the Love Boat avatars on its way?


Tea? I thought it was coffee!

Study: Tea Avatar Makes Opinions Up To 143% Less Relevant


I always suspected my avatar gave people the distinct impression I was just some asshole.


But there are so many options for Love Boat avatars


See also: pet dachshunds.


I never really considered myself a troll.


This makes me happy.