Who wants an avatar?

I’m still seeing way too many poxy default gravatars around, folks… so here’s the deal.

Seeing as I enjoy designing and creating such things, you can score a nifty av for nix, for as long as I can be bothered keeping this up. If you’re late to the party, perhaps some other pixel-wranglers will offer their services.

If you have a pic or two you’d like me to use as a basis, just attach to a post describing what you’d like. The largest that avatars will show up is 120x120 AFAIK, on your profile page.

And to add an avatar,


Here’s one I almost prepared earlier.




Let me introduce you to the world renowned optometrist Doctor Julian Andrews Duck, “Dr Duck” to you.

His only disability? He’s rendered as a gif, and I can never quite figure out how to do something with him to make him into a square for an avatar, without making it look horrible.

Please feel free to do better with him, and see if you can incorporate Dr Duck into a pleasing avatar!

God speed pixel-wrangler.

(I’m too new to post images into posts apparently, so here’s a link to Dr Duck : http://i.imgur.com/ADLaHFD.gif )

Here you go.

Or maybe

Or even

Do PNGs work?

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Awesome thanks :slight_smile:


You should probably save a copy of the plain one; that’s a PNG with a transparent background, so you can put it against anything you want pretty easily.

Also, I notice that if I view image on your av, it’s 120x120 and resized by the browser, but if I look at mine or most others it’s 45x45. So I guess the board will get around to making a 45x45 copy at some point, and then it’ll probably look a bit better, since Firefox for one uses a really crappy resize algorithm.

Cool, thanks a lot (testing the BBS email post reply here too…)

What, only one taker?

He had an av already too, dammit.

Come on, quilt people! Abandon your plaid.

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Can you do an avatar of Avatar with his mom’s Luger?

Or how about Benki the Giant?

I much agree with your opinion on the artistic merit of stock gravatars.

I’ll take you up on that. I’m perfectly fine to let your imagination go wild on a banana that is steampunk. Maybe it has goggles. A top hat? Giant brass gears? Who the hell knows? You do!

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Err, but your avatar’s a . … throwing star flower thingy.

No, I do not want to date a throwing star flower thingy!

Concerning the pic you provided,

As for ‘Avatar with his mom’s Luger’ you’ve got me stumped.

I’ll have to chew on that…

Watch this space.

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You still haven’t scored a 45x45 version yet…

Avatar is the hero of the obscure Ralph Bakshi film Wizards. He is reputedly a magician, somewhat in the vein of Cheech Wizard, who champions nature and hippy peace’n’love’n’earthy-crunchiness. If you haven’t seen the film the luger is a spoiler, sorry about that.

I’ve used Avatar as my avatar at work for years (nobody’s gotten the joke so far) but I’ve never been able to iconize the classic image (above) with the luger in any way that worked visually at small scales. Maybe it’s just too rectangular. Instead I use one of the many full front images on the web…

It didn’t come up at first, only the second pic; which should explain why my initial response seems a little odd.

I’ll have a crack at it tomorrow, I’ve gotta hit the hay.

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I’m going to go ahead and suggest that this conversation between you and @AcerPlatanoides just stop where it is. It’s not accomplishing anything and it’s just becoming a snit fest. So let’s all move on and talk about unicorns or something.


At least 15,000 times your US RDA of Superglue!

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I’ve deleted most of the fighty posts.


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