Avatar! Or 'av two if ya want!


(Nothing to do with that Dances With Smurfs flick)

Having some issues deciding on an avatar here.

Any and all suggestions gratefully received!


Now expanded for discussion of all things avatar-related! The Whats, Whys, Wheres and Hows!

Because Enquiring Minds Want To Know!



I was beginning to think you were rotating them with a script.


I like the current crazy eyeballs, the shot-glass was okay, the heart was too cutesy, the power icon was too cliche… and all of those were still better than the transparent avi.



gif. Although there are several independently developed ways to do transparency in video codecs that are compatible with the avi container.


Ooh! Can you do that?! How can I do that? Is that an option?

There was also cake, ice-cream, pony, another pony, bug, hole, splotch, beer, wine, more cake, meat pie, gravy, random odd shapes and several other critters…

Yeah, I should just stick to something, lol.


There’s like 40 different addons for doing macro-scripting of Firefox. I bet you could just put the images you want to rotate through in a folder sorted by last access time, and have the autoclicker just pick the first image. Then that image goes to the back of the line and the next one is at the top, and so on.


Gif, jpg, png; whatever the file format may have been, M_M used it as his avatar.

The way I was using it, “avi” is an abbreviated form of the word avatar.


That helps… unless we get up to avatar games again.


Ah, and not the file extension for Audio-Video Interleave (a very old, practically ancient video codec that was probably the first standard that allowed for completely independent audio and video codecs in the same file. Thereby allowing things like AC3 audio with XviD video for instance.)


Please no. I was so confused the last time.


I dunno I thought the Love Boat ones were clear enough. The PowerPuff ones were too tiny though.


I have a like! Wait…

Damnit @M_M!


Not at all.

Remember, I’m one of the non-technical peeps here on the BBS.



The chickied avatar fest had to be my favorite, precisely because it did confuse the heck out of the boards. Seeing 8 or 9 likes in a row with the same avi was amusing as well.


I had NFI WTF was going on with that until the other day and all that discussion of chgoliz’s av.

I don’t like it when peeps mess around with their avs, because it messes with my ability to recognise them.


We humans are creatures of habit, and we like our familiarity.


Legit tears from laughing at that. :laughing:

Wasn’t intentional, just happened to be what I had on the clipboard/directory when filling out the profile thingy.

I’m mostly sorry for that bit of confusion. :laughing:


It amuses me when that happens, just because it happens relatively rarely. It’s like a costume ball, or seeing your dad walk out of the kitchen wearing your mom’s head or something. Tickles me.

I’m due for a new avatar, I think. I like my guitar one, but I think I’ll make me a new one.


Ha. I just had a “who the hell is that?” moment.


It’s lucky that I don’t have clue one on how to start doing that. Otherwise a I’d have a script to d/l the avatar of the person I’ve just responded to and set it as mine until the next reply. Or some screwy dick-move like that.