The Avatar Clearinghouse and Assignment Center



You are here because you need to/are being pressured into acquiring a more descript avatar. Please take a number and a Regular (or a number of Regulars accompanied by a possible troll) will see you shortly.

(If you are a Regular and have a default avatar…


Nominations for people who need to be be-avatared are welcome.

@OtherMichael will attempt to take part. This is a sign that things are about to either become dangerous, or a massive multiplayer game that includes participants who are not currently aware of their participation. Or even born yet.

The Neverending Journey: Act I. ~CLOSED~

About time I changed mine.


I’ll take anything assigned to me. One llama related appreciated but not required.


Too on the nose?


Nice. Continues the muso theme from Mrs. Miller, Memphis Minnie and Millicent Martin.


A GIS for “Awesome llama” yielded:


It’s even circular!


Here’s a couple of Far Side llamas for ya, square-cropped and ready to go:


A lama of a different sort?


How about a lemma?


An a-llama clock


I felt sure Marilyn Manson would happen at some point (possibly I missed it?)


It’s on the list. Saving it for when I feel like beautiful people.





Here you go!


Aw, damn. LLAMA.

My bad.



Or the other Michael Myers. The less creepy one.


Here’s a llama-gram, close enough?