Change your avatar from your BBS profile. No more random Gravatars!

You don’t have to create a separate profile and log into Gravatar anymore just to get a custom avatar here on BBS. Just open up your profile, scroll to the avatar part, and hit the “change” button to upload a file.
Post in this thread if you want to show off your new look. I’m repping the A. It’s not as visible as I thought it would be but it’s displayed a bit larger in my profile. Might have to switch to a red one…


Yay, new avatar! I have a random android picture from the web for now. Need to comb through my robot picture collection to find a favorite.

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Thought I’d show off one of my staunchest supporters. Heh.

Y’know, I sorta like the random quilt I was assigned…

most of them (like my old ones) are much more busy and pale-colored—muddled like. but some of them do come out nice like yours. :thumbsup:

How do you know we’re seeing the same ones?

hey man, like… how do you know that what you see as yellow is what I see as yellow.

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Answer 1: You’ve just demonstrated it.

Answer 2: Why should I care? I don’t know that you’re seeing the same thing when I use any other image.

Answer 3: Programmers rarely deliberately do things which are both unnatural and make more work for themselves. (Either one, on the other hand… or by accident…)

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