Bug: color changes today for some default avatars


title says it all.

@codinghorror, I tried to post it in the appropriate thread but you locked it last week. I get it, though, everyone was just making individual bug threads anyway; i try to hold myself to a higher standard, though.


above, Comrade is simultaneously green and blue.

below, roger is simultaneously pink and a mustard yellow.

I spotted a bunch more, but you get the point. led to some small confusion on my end; not grounds for a federal case, though :wink:

mac OS/firefox latest on my end.


For a wee bit, I saw the generic letter avatars for everybody.


I haven’t been seeing avatars for anyone except those who have uploaded pictures.


We will get this sorted, it appears we messed up the algorithm


Can you try breaking things on a Sunday for a change of pace? :slight_smile:


All better now … colors back to normal

We forgot to downcase the username before picking colors, oops


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