Problem changing avatar


I’ve attempted to change my avatar several times and it keeps going back to one I put up earlier this week. Anyone else having this problem?


Is it supposed to be an attractive dark-haired woman in a grey scarf? Because that’s what I’m seeing (and I don’t remember you ever having this avatar previously).

Are you sure it’s not a caching issue?


Not for me. Unless I’ve overfilled the avatar bucket and broken it for everyone else. :worried:


Lately I’ve been seeing a lot of hedgehogs, maybe its related? :smile:


Jessica Jones.


For the record: my avatar is a pencil sketch I made many years ago; it’s metaphorical. I have the original in my possession, stealers, so beware! :wink:


Ah, yes. That’s her.

I haven’t seen any of the Marvel Netflix shows yet. I need to get my home network up and running first.


Luke Cage launched, and I’m seriously excited…

He is the MAN. bullets-bouncing-off-tearing-cloth-no-flesh


P.S. I should write for them, man.





I can’t wait to watch this show! I’m binge-bringit-watching tomorrow…

“Come at me, bro.”

Me and Luke are brothers, humans, takin’ on crime, when I just have to.

P.S. I just wish I was Iron like him.


Right about now, a lot of people who are the same complexion as Luke Cage wish they were too.


I know.

All I can offer is my shield from afar, but I’ve heard it’s effective sometimes, maybe: shield

To be clear: shield

We are shield-brothers and sisters, no?

We shield humans when they need it. Even from afar…

Just word.

I got shit to shield, so I’m out. drops mike


It is now. The problem seems to have cleared up? It probably was a caching issue, but it was sort of glitchy at the end of the week when we were all changing it to show solidarity with our comrades.


It sounds like a caching problem that was probably limited to your browser. I saw your avatar change a few times.


Yep. I think whatever was wrong is cleared up now. So… yay?


Off topic, but I’ve been having a problem where I read and like stuff, navigate away and come back hours or a day later and it’s gone. Shows up as not read and no likes. Anyone else?


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