A fun quickie on how wolves evolved into Chihuahuas (and other doggos)


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“A fun quickie… evolved into…”



That video is not nearly gay enough to be using Keith Haring-style art

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i was just going to type out “meh” as a response but BB requires something longer than 9 characters


I’ve always wondered how to pronounce neoteny.



@Carla_Sinclair, would you do me (and every other biologist on this planet) a favour and correct “canis lupus” to “Canis lupus”?

I’m not even asking for Canis lupus Linnaeus, 1758 - which would be

but italicising and Capitalising is important to scientists. Seriously.

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Don’t do it @Carla_Sinclair! That’s just what Big Biology wants you to do.

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I am in pain when I look at species names not following THE CODE. Am I nothing to you? I’m sure as hell not big biology, I’m academic plancton! It hurts. Please. Make it stop.

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You know you had it comin’.



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I am probably shouting at the clouds here, but using infantilised language to describe dogs, for example ‘doggo’ and ‘pupper’, really annoys me. This is what 5 year olds, not adults, call dogs.

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Well, don’t visit Imgur. You might even encounter a snek!

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