A gauge to accurately measure the force profile of a keypress


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If only we could harness his powers for good…


Warmth particles. It all comes down to warmth particles.


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perhaps the take away is that it’s the journey that matters, not the destination.

… but yeah, it’s probably ultimately a doomed mission.


They appear to already have been harnessed for awesome; so that would be a waste.



Death from a Keyboard?

Danger! Danger!

So, he “invented” what amounts to essentially the kind of testing that AnandTech does? Sure, they don’t show graphs, but they combine per-key force measurements (see link) with clear, concise descriptions of what kind of key is used. Anyway, a graph like that doesn’t tell you how far down the actuation point is, wether it’s audible or not, and other related (and important) measurements.


I always called ’em midichlorians


That’s for people who are into, yknow, suspension bondage. Ever heard of safewords, guys?

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