A great guide to typography

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Man, the IBM Selectric was such a cool typewriter.

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I second that. My grandpa worked for IBM during the the Selectric days and they apparently used defective font balls for awards so I have one or two encased in plastic that they gave him during his tenure.

Butterick’s site is wonderful on a few levels. Sure, his guide to typography is really good, but the system he made to publish that work is also pretty awesome. Using Racket (a Lisp dialect), he built an entire web publishing system. Check it out here.

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I clicked expecting a discussion of typography.

What I actually found was a an article that tied together marketing, screen resolutions and Cantor’s proof by Diagonalisation,


My assigned essay topic bores me. Therefore, I shall write about something else, and you shall pretend that you don’t care.

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