A great new podcast explores the cultural and political impact of the Only Band That Matters: the Clash

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I love seeing this “Only Band That Matters” stuff. :slight_smile:
Naturally I’m a Clash fan, but am an equal or sometimes even bigger fan of many many more. But yes, the Clash absolutely had that special something that merits this kind of superlative. It’s cool. It’s punk. It’s Clash.


Another super good one is Stay Free, a podcast on Spotify that runs through the history of the band. It’s narrated by Chuck D and has a lot of great soundbites from everyone involved. Stay Free


I loved the Stay Free series on the clash, but the last episode crammed too much post-Clash stuff into a single episode. It was as if they were sick of the project and wanted it over.

Now I just have to figure out how to get Chuck D to narrate my obituary.

Political Beats had a really good episode on the Clash, going through their whole career with some people who were real fans (or had done a lot of research, probably both – they obviously loved a lot of the music). Political Beats

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I saw Astronautilus somewhere though I can’t recall where…dude was hilarious but tight with his audience-suggested freestyling…

Also, yes, El Clash Combo are the only band that matters.

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