Excuse me, might I trouble you to ask what you are listening to on your podcast machine?

I wanted to create a “Whatcha…?” topic where the community could exchange recommendations for podcasts but was unable to come up with a whatcha based name that sounded good. So…this. I am open to suggestions for a better name and happy to change it if something rises up.

Consider it a place to talk about what you are listening to, shows that you think the community might enjoy etc. Talking about podcatching software is also encouraged!


I will start it off with “Finding Drago” The strange journey of an movie podcaster that begins when, while looking over the Wikipedia entry for Rocky IV, he finds a reference to a book about the character Ivan Drago’s life after the end of the movie. Things get…weird after that.

It’s only six episodes, but there is a second season, Finding Desperado, that is equally strange and entertaining. Link below goes to the site for both seasons, but you can probably just search “Finding Drago” in the pod machine of your choice and find it.

And I will add Stuff the British Stole, since I mentioned it recently in another thread. It tells the stories of the items, and sometimes people, that were taken from their native lands and moved to British museums or otherwise put on display. The stories are all very interesting, though sometimes also upsetting in the way that you would expect. They are all worth listening to though. I assume, given the topic, that they will never run out of material.

And no, I am not now, nor I have even been, in the employ of the Australian Broadcasting Company. It’s just a coincidence, mate!


I’ve been listening to “ The Always Sunny Podcast “. The podcast doesn’t need much description. The TV show’s creators just go through each episode of the show and “sometimes “ talk about it.

The Always Sunny Podcast The Always Sunny Podcast - Google Search

Another good podcast is “Hacked”. Here is a description:

As hacking leaves the dark corners of the internet and makes its way into our daily lives, we set out to paint a picture of this curious, enlightening, and occasionally criminal world.

Hacked Hacked - Google Search


I love the show and I will have to give this a listen - I find the people behind it fascinating. Last night I spent a good long time watching “Is Dennis a Psychopath?” clips on youtube before bed. To think that Glenn Howerton was also the face of Uniqlo for a while…



These days the queue over here includes -

The excellent Alternative Radio “Audio Energy for Democracy” hosted by David Barsamian

BBC’s science focused series -

and social/media/technology commentary from The Convivial Society by Michael Sacasas -

… great topic idea - have only fairly recently have become hip to podcasts, definitely interested to see what folks share here.


The show is great and the podcast is mostly Charlie, Glenn and Rob reminiscing about their past, though they sometimes talk about the episode.


No Kaitlin? :disappointed: I will still subscribe though!



This American Life, entitled 763: The Other Mr. President.


Unfortunately no, at least not on the episodes I’ve listened to. The only other person who sometimes talks is the producer, Megan Ganz.


99% Invisible

I use Himalaya for my podcasts


What I love about 99% is that while technically it is about design, especially the design of cities, in reality that means that it is about almost EVERYTHING. I am always pleasantly surprised by the topic when a new episode shows up. And, as I once mentioned to my therapist when we were talking about self care, I could listen to Roman Mars talk about anything.

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Yes many of the topics I’d call design adjacent, which keeps it very interesting.

There was a recent episode about Axolotls. Very little to do with design!


Ah, but Mexico City is encroaching on their only natural habitat so there are almost none in the wild. Which is a wild way to get sneak over into the topic. Genius

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“Improvised Star Trek” was a good podcast, at least the episodes I listened to.

Improvised Star Trek Improvised Star Trek - Google Search


Few of my favorites:

Our podcast is nearly impossible to sell to you. We primarily talk a bunch about how Alex Jones is an idiot and intentionally misleads his listeners for fun and profit, but that’s not the whole story. We also branch off into the nature of conservative propaganda and the art of the con, breaking down scam artists from the worlds of politics, religion, and of course, outer space. It sounds more complicated than it is; really it’s just a show about one friend researching things and telling another friend about the depressing and hilarious things he learned.


Skeptics with a K is the official podcast of the Merseyside Skeptics Society. Each episode features Mike, Marsh and Alice chatting about stuff that interests them, often with a skeptical angle.

And this one I can’t handle but it’s really good:

Be Reasonable is the monthly interview show which talks to people who believe ideas contrary to the mainstream scientific and skeptical worldview. Be Reasonable is about approaching subjects with respect and an open mind, engaging with people of differing viewpoints in an environment where debate is polite and good-natured, yet robust and intellectually rigorous.


I use Podcast Addict works fine expect for crashing if I have downloaded over 100 episodes. Gives good stats too:


Along the lines of skepticism I really enjoy Oh No, Ross and Carrie. Their hook is that they don’t just talk about stuff, they go out and do it then report on that. They have joined Scientology (and apparently are recognized on sight and escorted out of events now), become Mormons, all sorts of fun things.

ETA: Ew, yeah…I don’t look at my podcast stats. I use Pocket Cast, which has a feature that automatically cuts out momentary silences to make things a little snappier. It tracks the amount of silence it has cut. Currently mine is at…11 days and 7 hours. Since 2016. Not going to look at the total time played. Nope. It also sometime tells you how many skin cells you have shed while listening to podcasts


With John Oliver’s departure to do other things, Andy Zaltzman has a revolving and international cast of comedians to discuss the weeks events. Also, given Zaltzman’s a professional cricket statistician, cricket. And statistics.

In a similar vein, Zaltsman is also the current host of BBC’s News Quiz.

Current favourite science podcasts (subject to change)

For a sweary discussion of ethics, psychology, science, Ted Chang and Jorge Borges, VBW can be fun and sometimes challenging. TP4B is a bit more user-friendly.

And Spycast is often fascinating but sometimes low energy. The good episodes are great; others not so much.


I love the Spy Museum! Never has there been a more interesting collection of things that you put other things into, then put in your butt! I did not know they had a podcast!

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I’m in the wrong hemisphere to have visited but their online presence is pretty cool, and when they have a great guest on it’s magical. Jonna Mendez (former CIA Chief of Disguise) was hilarious; they often speak to historians who just finished a book; and there is the occasional practitioner who isn’t obvious in how self-serving they are.


Cool! I have a friend (the same one I went to the Spy Museum with, in fact) that knows her and I have heard that she is great - I will have to check out that episode and let her know about it. Speaking of which, that reminds me - my friend works at Deep State Radio which has a variety of interesting political, policy, and statecraft podcasts! Some very good stuff there now, obviously with everything going on