A great technique for speed painting tabletop miniatures

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This one from Eric’s Hobby Workshop looks like something that might actually be fast.

So you haven’t tried it yet? How do you know it’s a great technique? Why share it?

I think @garethb2 is sharing for two possible reasons. Perhaps someone has done it this way and can comment? Or perhaps there are other people who share his interest and may want to take a look?

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Having done some miniature painting, yes, this looks like an efficient way to get a bunch of minis to look decent without mucking them up so much that you can’t improve them later.

Maybe. Could be either. And I acknowledge I’m a little bit cranky about something that doesn’t matter much. But, the headline states unequivocally this is a great technique,while the article follows up with “probably”, and that bugs me.

That sword at the end, it did not look good.

Eat your heart out:

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