Show off your painted miniatures!


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Embrace ones inner nerd…


I’m going to send some of you down the rabbit hole here, but the extremely NSFW Kingdom Death miniatures are a mixed bag of interesting body horror, incredible paint jobs, and terrible sexist pin-art art and figures. I enjoy looking at the work people have done on some of the insane models like the Forge God or Nightmare Ram (pic)


man I need to get back to painting stuff. here is some of my army about to lose a game back in 2010…


Ah, the coast guard. Reminds me of a joke they like to tell in the Navy:

Q: Why do you have to be 6 feet tall to be in the Coast Guard?

A: So if your boat sinks, you can walk back to shore.


Crust punk miniature

Not painted by me but a mini for an upcoming game I am working on. I’m a new user so I can’t post direct images.


This is an intimidating skill I’ve always admired - especially dioramas


Probably my best completed piece so far. Warmachine Crusader Warjack, Classic.


Oooohh, sore spot.

I got “pretty good” and painting RPG figures toward the end of my college years. Was competent at churning out simple-design 23mm Sci-Fi soldiers up to about 15 years ago.

But now I’ve got this crate of Bones Fantasy RPG minis I got through Kickstarter and wonder what I got into.

I painted ONE mini in recent years, at a practice session at a game store. I’ll embarass myself by post a photo later.


Nice work.


When are you people going to grow out of this childish obsession with miniatures?


Those are the plastic/resin/whatever they made them with ones? Excellent stuff to muck around learning on but do wash with soap and hot water, possibly scrub them. From other gamers I know who got them there is still a lot of mold release residue on them and the paint wont stick to that.


I used to love painting D&D figures as a kid, but I stopped around age ten. they all got boxed up and put into storage when my mom moved out of our crib after I left for school. I don’t think they were especially good. I’d love to post pics, but they’re fucking gone, man.

: (


I had a chess set I painted made from 40k epic scale titans and space marines/eldar warriors for pawns.

This is back when they were lead and fairly inexpensive compared to the pewter models, but way easier to work with and paint than pewter or plastic. Took me about 4-6 months to make them but man did they look cool. Lost them in a move.


Yes! I actually soaked mine in soapy water and then dried them with a salad spinner:

Other than gluing bases on them, and painting some of the bases grey or brown, I haven’t done anything with this great heap of minis.

The space marine I painted at a game shop lesson last year:


The quality of sculpting got amazing in the years since I was an active painter. Metal or plastic, they got a bit larger and just superbly designed and detailed.

But if your old minis turn up, you could still repaint them. Even sell them! I sold most of my teen and college era minis on consignment. Didn’t rake in big bucks, but I’m glad they got into appreciateive hands.


I don’t think you can take that joke littorally.


Thats not bad for a quickie learning job and red is probably more of a PITA color to work with than the yellow scheme I like to use.


Ah, I found some of the “best” I could do, circa 1986. These are Grenadier secret agent figures:

Traveller starship crew:

My color choices were pretty bad.


No, they are not! They are super cool!

Just a little ink wash to give them a bit more colour deep and they will look “retro” instead of “old”.