Amazing Black Knight hand-painted miniature from 'Kingdom Death' weird horror game

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Oh, those memories of my youth, when I started pinting miniatures with WH40K… and stopped because near to work of that kind mine are abominations of Chaos (and I played Marines and Tau)


I got in on the original Kickstarter a few years ago and Kingdom Death: Monster immediately became my favourite board game of all time.

I’m backing this kickstarter for the upgrade to rules and game, plus all the new expansions and pinup characters.

Best. Game. Ever.

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It can be frustrating when you are still learning. I know my work from when I started has vastly improved but I still think I suck compared to peeps who paint like that and I get told I do great work. It is a lot more technique than talent to make a really nice looking tabletop mini.


Kingdom Death have this weird combination of amazing, elaborate, creative, unique figures - and blatant, wince-inducing cheesecake as well. It’s a strange combination.

And that’s why I always liked Chaos best- I could go crazy with my painting (and figure modding). Though my horrible first efforts at figure painting happened well before WH40K even came out, seeing the painting skill of others for that game made me step up the quality of my own work. In the end, I found I was just painting minis rather than actually playing the game. In fact, I couldn’t actually play the game with what I’ve got, I suspect, because they’re a motley assortment of figures I chose purely for how much fun they’d be to paint, rather than how they’d work within the game.


Oh man I do not miss the days of lead, and then pewter hacking to make custom minis. Everything being plastic is such a great thing for changing little bits of posing or a head swap or anything really.

I actually gave up buying minis around the time they switched to plastic, largely because of my large backlog of unpainted figures. But I rather liked modding metal figures - cutting them up, grafting bits on, etc. - it was a solid base for alterations. With the plastic figures, I was doing so much carving and modding that I started feeling like I was simply making my own, so I might as well go ahead and sculpt them entirely from scratch. (Which I’ve done a bit of, but again - backlog.)
Hmm, now I have a craving to go sculpt and paint some new minis…


Yeah I haven’t bought much new for years cause of backlog and wanting to redo some of my old actual lead stuff as I am much better now.

I tend to not go to nuts with the modding as I do actually play (well did till the mess of GIANT things for 40k which has been cleaned up since but the games I played left me feeling like no don’t want to play this) then they had a new version only a year after the last one so I have been out of it for awhile. Maybe at the next core rules update I will jump back in.

Right now I am more excited about the new printing of Blood Bowl which is a much better game anyway.


Some modded XV8 suits from my collection. Not as impressive as this Black Knight but I´m happy with them :slight_smile:

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