Black Magic Craft unboxes a full-color 3D-printed Hero Forge miniature

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Pledged! The figures look quite good, and the design tools look like they’ll be awesome. The Token Maker will make it so easy to create characters for things like Roll20!


The figures are impressive. I got my wife a custom printed mini-her for the Walking Dead miniatures game she and I occasionally unwind with. Of course I HAD to make sure I had a mini-me for her to save from the zombies. The toolset they were using about a year and a half ago was a little limited, but still varied enough that we are recognizable as us. I may update after this project completes because their color printing is infinitely better than my painting skills, and they’ve expanded their options significantly.

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I backed the original Kickstarter, and so when i heard the price I was impressed. I don’t currently have a need for one of these, since I just got a fig for my current character for Christmas from the mini painter in my group, but it’s tempting just to secure the KS pricing for one.

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