Great advice for those getting started in miniature painting

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Shorter “great advice for those getting into painting miniatures”:


(Seriously, it’ll consume your life)


It’s been about half a decade since I did any painting. Miss it. Never did play warhammer but I have an entire painted night goblin army. Been wanting to switch to Chtuhlu/lovecraft miniatures… have a bunch just haven’t found the time/space to paint. =(


I dunno if this has been said elsewhere, but the “heroclix” line is a great, cheap way of getting some miniatures to paint and skill up on, before busting out those 8-200$ warhammer pieces.


A really great place to get started in mini painting is with converting and painting Gaslands cars. Because they are beat up, dirty, rusted, etc., you almost can’t go wrong. And the results are SO gratifying. Here are some of my current Gaslands team. I am now starting in on building a gothy death cult team (with a hearse, ambulance, maybe a coffin car, etc.). I even have a 1/64 scale steam roller I might use. These will all be black which is the easiest thin to paint. Black basecoat, some dry brushing, some chipping, and weathering, and you are good to go.


Stirring is better than shaking for mixing paint. You introduce far less air into the paint.

If you have a 3d printer or a friend with a 3d printer you should print a paint shaker. I’ve made this one and attached it to my jigsaw and it has made shaking paint so much easier. Every time I buy a new bottle of paint I put an agitator like the nail polish agitator balls Gareth linked to make the shaking with the jigsaw more efficient.


I found lots of people selling warhammer on ebay relatively cheap. Also bought the starter set which gave you two armies (night goblins/dwarves at that time) that seemed reasonably priced.


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