A guy tricked Tripadvisor into making his garden shed the top-rated restaurant in London


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I ate there the other night. It wasn’t all that. :grinning:


He gamed a system based on trust? So sneaky!

What will this trickster do next? Edit Wikipedia to say Obama was born in Kenya?


The shiitake-on-a-shovel tasted rusty, and the portions were too small. :star:


I want to be smug about this, but I’m constantly reminded that here in the USA, we have a fake president, who lied his way into office.


All of Oobah Butler’s vice articles are good. In the last one he dined with/interviewed people who give damning TripAdvisor restaurant reviews to see if they just do it out of spite or if they have legitimate grievances.


Given that the system is already thoroughly gamed, he’s just pointing out that it’s completely worthless for its stated purposes.


…the odour of the internet is so strong nowadays that people can no longer use their senses properly…

A few years back I organised a birthday dinner at one of my favourite local restaurants, and people started coming back to me asking if I wanted to change the venue.

It turned out that the place had only one review on Google and it was negative, so even though I’m telling them that I’ve been eating there for years and I think it’s great, it’s easier to believe the website.

We ended up going and everyone had a great time, but it’s easy to see how a one-paragraph blurb on a web listing can make or break a business.


Are they in marketing?


All well and good but I feel for the couple from California that wasted a precious evening of intercontinental international vacation. Suddenly a fun prank turns into mean fraud.


Reminds me a bit of Joey Scaggs


Nowhere near as good as this place:


Or into the evening that makes for a source of anecdotes for the rest of your life…


I’m surprised he actually photographed his own sponges. That’s quality right there, no stock photos for him!


I use Trip Advisor all the time when I travel and I don’t think I’ve ever been given bad advice.

Same for Wikipedia. I use it daily and it’s been an incredibly valuable resource to me.

We all know that the tragedy of the commons is a thing, so I’m not sure what his point is.


So, in fact, nothing was tricked…


got a new motor…


He gamed a system based on trust? So sneaky!

I would prefer to say that he pointed out the elephant standing in the garden shed: “trust”-based systems consolidating random people you don’t really know and mediated by a faceless, profit making corporation lack, well, trust.

It’s the risk we run when we start believing that our Facebook friends are friends.


Ha, that’s true! If they ever read about this, they can brag that they once made it into the most exclusive restaurant in London.