A-ha played 'Take On Me' live on 'MTV Unplugged,' will tour


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Have they had Karftwerk on Unplugged yet?


I haven’t seen the embedded video just yet but if they did not do some live video processing to recreate the video in real-time i will consider the whole thing a wasted opportunity.


I like the repeated cutaways to audience members d’un certain age being visibly transported to the romantic firelit mountain chalet they’ve secretly shared with Morten since the eighties.


love this band from back in the day


Man, if only I’d known! I’ve been waiting in the pit lane at the race track for the past 32 years!


Hopefully they will play some of their recent stuff. It seems like whenever they are invited to play for a benefit or whatever, it is a mini-nostalgia circuit of their much older work. I would not say that I am a huge fan, but I found the early naughties work from Minor Earth Major Sky through Analogue to be their most interesting.


AFAIK no, but this is an acceptable approximation:


You joke, but I think Ministry would be great unplugged. Probably not popular enough these days, though.


I always liked that song.

Regarding the authors note about how the singer can still hit the high notes, after watching that video, I think that remains to be seen/heard. The lead singer seems to have adjusted the notes in the chorus so he doesn’t have to hit the highest of high notes in the original version. Whether he made the changes because they didn’t suit the acoustic arrangement or because he didn’t feel like stretching for extremely high notes during a live recording, I think it sounded great!

It always feels a bit ridiculous to me that we use the old ‘he can still hit those notes’ as a measuring stick for a performer as she or he ages. From my perspective at least, I am more likely to find respect in a musicians ability to adjust the musical arrangement to suit how their voice and ability to perform naturally changes over time.


It’s definitely way too high of a bar to set, if they can hit and sustain that note or not. As long as they’re putting on a good show and having fun then not quite hitting that note is ok all things considered.


Thank you for the reminder. It is an excellent tribute.


Tour? Did they ever have any… other hits?


wow, who knew that a song about getting a blow job would get this popular?


My favorite version of this continues to be the original demo that later became the song: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rc6MumuychA


must point out literal video here…


Is anybody noticing that absolutely gorgeous view out the window?

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