With no music, A-Ha's "Take On Me" video is dark and disturbing


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Fabulous even with the sound off. Love that animation style.


aren’t we all, Pesco, aren’t we all…


And hilarious! Just when I thought nothing could beat the Elvis musicless video.


The literal video version is the definitive one, surely.


Despite the 80’s ish weirdness, I have always thought this to be an excellent video. The story and animation are timeless.


Her headtilt at the beckoning hand always seemed odd to me. She switches from “Omigod, a fucking hand just reached out of a newspaper comic!” to “Hey, he’s kinda a cute, who cares if this is the most disturbing thing I’ve ever experienced. Let’s go!” in less than a second.


When was it not dark and disturbing? Especially the literal version!

Pipe wrench fight!


Between this and the Shittyflute version…FIGHT!


Welp, that’s the next 37 minutes and 8 seconds taken care of for me. Gonna go listen to the whole album now.


Then you should love this:


Always liked this version myself. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DZpKPrUKn1U


I really liked this video when it came out because I was working on my undergrad degree in fine art and reading all the comic books I could find at the time. It was a true artifact of time and place.


I never really watched this closely, so I missed the Altered States reference at the end:



And then there’s the Brothers Quay stop-action (artist: His Name Is Alive):


What’s really disturbing is that an entire iconic music video got made based on the idea that comic books look like that.


Used to great effect in the leftovers t’other night (spoilers)…


OMG I was just going to post that! I only just noticed it from this musicless video




It actually is a pretty damn good album.