The 14-minute version of '2 Legit 2 Quit' adds a lot

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I legit quit, for realz.


I miss when people took the opportunity to make a music video into a short film. Attempt to tell a little bit of a story with the song.


I really enjoyed the Milli Vanilli cameo, definitely the highlight. Really surprised by the James Brown extended cameo though it was overdone.

I also hope James Belushi’s check was substantial. But since his career peaked at K-9 Cop I doubt he was turning away any paychecks that came his way.

Also I consistently forget how extreme the fashion for suits was in the 90s. In general this whole video was the most 90s thing ever though.

It’s weird to think that even back in the 90s Danny Glover was already looking too old for this sh*t.


My god, I came across this video a few weeks ago while searching for MC Hammer videos after rewatching the 90s Addams Family movies. I’d never seen the full thing, even though I definitely remember the music video itself and the 2L2Q hand motions.

My favorite part:

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I storyboarded this capsule of craziness back in the day. I had almost forgotten that job until I watched this video (never saw it before) and it came back to me. Not being a hip-hop fan I’d never heard of Hammer. At least I knew The Glove was Michael Jackson. I don’t remember the details very well. Mostly I remember sitting with the director (I think?) at his kitchen table madly churning out little pencil sketches while he talked on a speaker phone with the Hammer people. They basically made the story up as they went along. There was no Internet back then, of course, and for some reason they didn’t use a fax machine, so there was a lot of describing the drawings over the phone. We worked at breakneck speed well into the wee hours, building a big pile of ever-rougher pages. At one point a representative of James Brown was on the phone; I had the impression Brown himself was silently listening in. Finally we reached the end and I staggered home. I remember my overall impression being, “What the hell was that all about?”


Wow, cool story!!

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