A hiking guide strands 60 hikers in Austrian Alps

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You’ve got to be careful about guides sometimes.


My hovercraft is full of eels.


Glad to hear that everyone made it down safely, but, if I were one of the hikers, I’d want my money back, plus some extra for the distress involved.

And if I were the Search and Rescue team, I’d want him to pay that bill as well.


You have beautiful thighs!


I won’t hold that against you.


That’s REAL adventure.

I am picturing Anthony Bourdaine’s Eastern European fixer

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Sufficiently lost to hit the panic button after one hour? Is it really that hard to just turn around and walk back down the trail?

They probably still had a cell phone signal. Pop up google maps and walk back.

Indeed. I do have to wonder though, how do 60 people all lose track of their guide? I’m guessing he wasn’t exactly in a state that inspired confidence. Seems like it would be wise to keep an eye on him.

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Most people aren’t exactly Lewis and Clark. And in the central Alps I’m guessing no, there wouldn’t be cell coverage any distance from the nearest village.

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Check the local bars…

If a fog had rolled in, and they weren’t taking a well-trodden path, it would be quite easy to get disoriented and end up at a blind drop, especially if they had been relying on a guide who claimed to know what he was doing. Also, how late was it when they made the SOS call? If it was heading towards dusk and bad weather was coming without a competent guide, I would be somewhat stressed.


/me adds more food water and sugar to my dayhike pack list

If only he weren’t non-American, he might make a superior GOP presidential candidate.

Seriously, a dayhike pack in such rugged conditions should always equip you for an unexpected night in the field.

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Drop your pants Sir William I cannot wait any longer.

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The Rax is pretty much the opposite of central, rather it is one of the last “proper” mountains on the eastern edge of the alps. It’s very popular as an “easy” mountain as it’s mostly flat on top (high plateau) and you can reach it with a cable car. Also, just an hour’s drive from Vienna.

Still, the side are very steep, and you don’t want to fuck with that if you don’t know what you’re doing. And the weather on sunday was really shitty, so I can imagine they didn’t want to risk anything.


I had a friend who claimed to have done something similar in the Sahara.
He was driving a bus from the UK down to South Africa, but at some point in the Sahara he woke up one morning, and just walked off, with the keys in his pocket. After some time wandering, he ran into a similar bus driven by a a freind of his who picked up up, asked WTF he was doing, and drove him back to his bus.
My friend claimed to have just walked on board his bus, saying nothing to the tourists who’s be stuck on their own for some time, and continued the journey.

I’m not sure how much of it I believe, although it does ring true to their personality.

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