Actor Julian Sands missing after California storms

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The other, Bob Gregory, was reported missing earlier this week, somewhere in the Crystal Lake area.

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Which California?


Oh no! @beschizza, didn’t you just make a random reference to him in the Keanu Reeves thread?


I understand the desire for solitude but it’s a very bad idea to go hiking alone and without some sort of beacon, storm or no storm. I know one person who had a very close call under similar circumstances. I hope Sands is ok and that they’re able to find him soon.


The weather might not have been too bad when he set out. It’s easy to be surprised by a storm when out hiking.


I’m gonna assume he’s not poor and has a couple extra bucks for a communication device of some sort.

If he’s hurt or worse he might not be able to use it but there are trackers that can send a signal to a friend or family member to keep an eye on you.

Because of my health me and the wife have location sharing enabled so if we’re out for a run we know where each other are. If I’m out too long my wife can see where I am at and if I’m moving.

I also have the SOS feature enabled on my phone. Three presses of the power button sends a message to my wife and daughter with my location and a photo from the front and rear camera.

If I were hiking outside of cell coverage I’d definitely have a tracker or beacon.

In my neck of the woods the Coast Guard is always trying to get the message out about float plans. Leave a plan of where you’re going and when you expect to return with someone so if you don’t return the Coast Guard knows where to start looking.

I hate it when the helicopter is flying a search pattern.

Most new VHF radios are equipped with Epirb but a lot of people don’t take the time to register them to make the search and rescue easier for the Coast Guard.

All kinds of tools to keep hikers, boaters, and rescuers safe, too bad more people don’t make use of those tools.


From articles I’ve read about this, he’s well known as an extreme hiker and mountain climber, and has faced terrible weather before and nearly died. But you’d think by now he’d have been heard from, it’s been almost a week. Very worrisome, I hope they find them both in decent health. I don’t expect they will, though.


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Duly warned be thee says I.


This good advice in general. Also, carry a med kit. For hiking, biking, and trail running, I like this one:

into which I slip a couple packs of

and some super glue. And, then, also, a small kit with some high-test fishing line, fire starter, a small signal mirror, and iodine water purifier.

It seems like a lot, but it’s lightweight and if you need it, you really need it.


That powder is great especially for people like me on medication that causes even the smallest cut to bleed like a crime scene.

It doesn’t help that I should not be allowed to use sharp things because of my accident prone self.

I don’t leave home without some sort of first aid kit.


Yeah… a truly fucked up film.


Hard agree. A friend of mine went for a little walk in the Texas heat and didn’t make it back to his car. Be careful out there.


Oof - with the storms and flooding they have had, you can get a flash flood that happens before you know it. :frowning:

Hope they find him alive.


Though we do longer hikes inside the confines of a state park or the like, if you get out there enough of a ways it’s very easy to be quite alone and literally not see anyone. There’s a loop we like to do sometimes and once we’re a couple miles out from where we park, we won’t see another soul till we’re looped back closer to the road. One time we ran into a couple rangers on horseback and they were mildly surprised to see us.


I sure hope he’s OK - and the other guy too. :sob:

Loved Mr Sands as the breathlessly bizarre Shelley in Gothic.


Why not? Just curious about why you find that confining. Some of them are huge!


They are in fact pretty huge. We like Cuyamaca and Anza Borrego.
Maybe I worded that weird, but what I meant was that we stay within the park system on certain designated trail systems. I do not find that confining. :slight_smile:


That is true but I live near there and I believe that the local weather reports were predicting bad weather that day well in advance.


Here in Michigan we do the same thing, one park in particular we can do a six mile loop around a lake with various terrain and scenery. As long as we stay on the marked trails it’s safe and fun.

But it’s not a cake walk either, at least not for us.

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