"A.I." Fan Art

I’ve been using img2go.com/ai-art-generator

If we ask for “the doctor on the planet skaro” (with the “Anime Style”) sometimes it draws us a picture of the Doctor on the planet Skaro

but usually just a picture of some random Dalek


but then some of these Daleks have a few humanoid chatacteristics


and eventually we realize all the Dalek portraits are also supposed to be the Doctor somehow




… it’s like playing a very strange video game, submitting the same prompt over and over hoping to see something really bizarre again

Those last two make me wonder if there is anything like them in the “Doctor Who” source material or if img2go synthesized that yellow-eyed monster idiom on its own :thinking:

Keep in mind that the majority of the training data was scraped from the most accessible parts of the internet. Social media. Focusing on sites using English. Therefore, an unhealthy amount of it is stuff written either by Donald Trump and his cult members or written about Donald Trump and his cult members. And the same goes, to some extent, for pictures. Garbage in, garbage out.

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neat. and there is another trump in the crowd; its fitting, as he worships his own delusional self the most.

… asking for drawings or paintings in the style of a particular year has some effect on the output

but not very much :thinking:

Captain Kirk in a style from the year 1966



Captain Kirk in a style from the year 1982



Captain Kirk in a style from the year 2009





"captain pike wearing a space suit in a style from the year 1900"



"captain pike wearing a space suit in a style from the year 2250"



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Pike in the style of Frank Frazetta
Picard in the style of Syd Mead
Space-Age Uhura
Cyberpunk Uhura

star trek in the style of flash gordon, realistic:

… they were never very far apart :supervillain: :rocket:

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Captain Kirk on Arrakis in the style of H.R. Giger

Captain Kirk on a spaceship orbiting around Jupiter as drawn by H.R. Giger in an anime style

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I was playing around with a Stable Diffusion model yesterday and noticed the following fun facts:

Moriarty is always the one from the BBC Sherlock series:

Sherlock Holmes mostly dresses like the Robert Downey Jr. version but looks a bit more like… I’m not sure who.

Watson is quite blond and vaguely Martin Freemanish.

“captain kirk fighting ming the merciless on the planet mongo”
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But why is there a Batmobile?

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It does go to the limitations of the training and generation, though. Images with a dude in black armor tend to have an angular black car in the background, so that’s what it did.

My wife and I have a running gag based on shopping for some Batman merch. They had a whole array of vehicles and sets - Batmobile, plane, sub, etc. - all proudly with BATMAN! It was weird to see the actual character treated like a throw-in. This made me think of that. Any image you want…with BATMAN!