A list of productivity and collaboration lessons from The Beatles

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I was kinda over The Beatles, having exhausted my ear for them over many decades of exposure. But man, this doc. It has me doing deep dives into their catalogue again, and listening with new ears. There are so few legit TV events anymore that this one took me by surprise.


As I saw pointed out elsewhere, the world owes Yoko Ono a big apology. All sorts of people hung around, and all the wives/girlfriends/others were present at one point or another. And she was generally quiet as a churchmouse. And the other 3 seemed to accept and at times even welcome her presence.

And the world should remember that all these years, Paul could have said something about her being targeted. Instead he’s come out with statements saying he loved the doc because all these years he was being blamed, and this shows something else. He’s an ass.


It also showed just how much of the tension was a result of George’s passive-aggressiveness. That was unexpected.


All this time we were told by Michael Lindsay-Hog that Paul and Yoko were the villains.

Now we know that the villain was actually Michael Lindsay-Hog.


i don’t think he was being passive aggressive, but even if he was, i’ll give him a pass. he was 23 or something, and the baby of the group, up against both paul AND john. ringo just gets along with everyone, and didn’t like to make waves, so he wasn’t going to ally with george about stuff against them. so being frustrated and pushing back was, i think, warranted.

I haven’t watched more than part 1 yet, but Peter Jackson also related this story about watching the entire footage and seeing a moment when John and George were alone, talking, and George was expressing his frustration, saying that he has all these songs and if he only gets 2 songs per album, it’ll take a decade to put them all out. and John said, “well, then why don’t you do a solo album, and put out what you want, and then come back and we can do Beatles stuff after?” – advice George clearly took to heart. when Peter Jackson told this story to Paul, Paul said, “i hadn’t heard that – i wish i had known. that kind of thing probably would’ve saved the Beatles.”


Yeah, I’ll buy that. In any case, they all get the benefit of the doubt from me.


George wrote the line “A wind can blow those clouds away” but John misreads his handwriting as a “A mind can blow…” which stuck…

That was another “best moment” I forgot about. On his lyric sheet it does look like “mind” but it was just sloppy handwriting, and a much better lyric. Good on John for catching it when he heard George sing it. George says “it really does look like i wrote ‘mind’ here…”

  1. Tea, pale ale, white wine, cold thin toast, marmalade, and lots and lots of tobacco.

And whatever they were taking behind the scenes…


Yoko Ono was and will always be an artist in here own right. Yoko had to carry the weight of some British pop stars. What a shame.

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