A logical guide to 2016 Democratic Primary outcomes


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How about, regardless of the results or whether or not any dishonesty or unethical behavior occurred, the primary system sucks (for the voter)?


I saw that earlier, but you have to include the headline:

If HRC wins Calif it will prove she rigged it.

If she loses Calif, that proves she is weak and unpopular.

Also, this:


Bernie still has a shot, slim it may be, but a shot just the same.


Just so you know, any time a party has gone to a contested convention, they always lose the general election.

I’m already looking for an emoji with its hair on fire that runs back and forth screaming “WE’RE FUCKED! WE’RE FUCKED!”


In all the depression of tonight, at least this is amusing.


Clinton will win on the first ballot, just like Obama. Clinton has a far larger lead than he did. I am unsure what you speak of.


Will there be any impossibilist candidates for president?


I’m pretty sure all Marxist theory is impossibilist.


The Intercept is a cut above these days. Some real journalism.


I don’t think any of those match the current situation, but, an overzealous youth being told their votes have been stolen from them has a way of turning things ugly. Clinton does have the popular vote, the delegate count, the number of states, and even the contentious superdelegate count. Sanders has no lead in any discernable category. And yet, it looks like it’s popular belief that the establishment has blocked his rightful place as leader. And unless that notion gets resolved peacefully, this is not going to end well.


That’s not trolling, it’s an honest question.


To answer the now gone comment asking about #secretwin… there’s no evidence of anything there except that the AP might have warned the Clinton campaign beforehand… assuming it wasn’t simply the Clinton campaign being prepared. A date in a filename is evidence of nothing, and neither is gibberish like “secret win”. Certainly put a bit of a shadow over today’s primaries though

If you want a real conspiracy theory, how about Trump not being the racist he plays on TV; he’s really just helping his friends the Clintons out by exploiting the inherently racist Republican base to secure the nomination and discredit the Republican party from the inside while giving Hillary an easy win. After all, what better friend to have than one in the White House.


So will Hillary get 50%+ 1 of regular delegates after tonight? (honest question from a confused neighbour)



I would actually take these in earnest and add:

  • majority of American voters too stupid to vote for non-corrupt, criminal candidates.


Yes she’ll have a majority of pledged delegates.

But her pledged delegates going into the convention will account for less than half of all delegates.

So if the superdelegates overwhelmingly voters for Sanders he could still win.

But that almost certainly not going to happen.


It really sucks that the only way I could get at all excited about Clinton, instead of afraid of her, would be to somehow forget so much of what I’ve come to know about her. It’s not shit I make up; it’s shit I can’t forget.



Majority of American voters probably didn’t vote during the primary season, more’s the pity.