Donald Trump and Bernie Sanders win New Hampshire primaries

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Rubio imploding. 5th?

Who will end up being the ‘establishment’ Republican they desperately try to end up with in preference to the unelectable Trump or Cruz?

Is Mittens busy?


I was a bit confused to see that despite losing by a landslide, Clinton (currently) has the same amount of delegates from NH as Sanders (13).

Turns out that’s because she had 8 superdelegates side with her before the primary.

Yay democracy. Fuck what the people vote for, right?


What about Marcobot? John! Ellis!? Governor Soprano? Al “Grampa” Lewis? Dr. Sleepy? That other guy?

They all got beat by a circus peanut in a spaghetti hat?

BTW, can we all finally put to rest the notion that New Hampshire has to go first because they have the experience and judgment to winnow the field?


We will end their shenanigans at the convention. Worry not.


Watching Bernie’s epic, detail filled, victory speech

the guy in the audience, behind Bernies left shoulder, is my hero right now.

I think he is about to cry with joy. It’s good television.


To the guy with the hat, and the emotive hands. Thanks dude!


i’m not actually sure he is running in 2016. Maybe 1976?


Planet 9 supports Bernie, you heard it here first. :slight_smile:



Some quotes from the first story I saw about it (which came out before the polls even closed).

Bernie Sanders Declared The Winner […] With only 8% of the vote in, Sanders was declared the winner. […] The outcome of New Hampshire was never in doubt
Bernie Sanders Declared The Winner Of The New Hampshire Democratic Primary

Why would it be in doubt? When you’re throwing out 92% of the votes and declaring the winner before voting has even stopped? Clearly the whole ‘democracy’ thing isn’t relevant if the winner has been preselected before the vote.

Maybe it’s just bad propaganda disguised as news, but we see so much of it every election. Now to wait for the demands for a recount and the reports of missing ballots, coin flips, dimpled chads, and precincts that forgot to report. How is it that as a nation we can’t master something as simple as counting? Or waiting until the count is done to declare the outcome? :weary:

[edit] Ranting about the process, not the declared result

Robert Reich:
What New Hampshire Tells Us
You will hear pundits analyze the New Hampshire primaries and conclude that the political “extremes” are now gaining in American politics – that the Democrats have moved to the left and the Republicans have moved to the right, and the “center” will not hold.

Baloney. The truth is that the putative “center” – where the Democratic Leadership Council and Bill Clinton’s “triangulation” of the 1990s found refuge, where George W. Bush and his corporate buddies and neoconservative advisers held sway, and where Barack Obama’s Treasury Department granted Wall Street banks huge bailouts but didn’t rescue desperate homeowners – did a job on the rest of America, and is now facing a reckoning.

The “extremes” are not gaining ground. The anti-establishment ground forces of the American people are gaining. Some are so fed up they’re following an authoritarian bigot. Others, more wisely, are signing up for a “political revolution” to take back America from the moneyed interests.

That’s the real choice ahead.

As usual, Mr. Reich has a good pulse on things…


That’s… not quite how media poll predictions work. Though I can understand it feeling that way sometimes.


I think that there is a very interesting phenomenon occurring which is that you might have a fairly significant proportion of white male voters that would just as easily vote for Bernie as they would for Trump. Or of course I could be completely wrong.


The no-nuance voters


There certainly are suggestions that Sanders has been partially responsible for Rand Paul’s failed campaign, by picking up on the same dissatisfaction with the establishment amongst younger voters as Ron Paul did.


It will be very interesting to see what happens if Bernie wins a majority of elected delegates but the SDs try to throw it to Clinton.


Hooray for super delegates and the electoral college! Let’s say that a Sanders/Trump/Bloomberg run, in November gets 45/40/15 percent of the vote. Nobody get the required 270 Electoral votes. So, who will the Repub controlled Senate and House vote for? Care to guess?

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I don’t imagine that Bloomberg would take votes from Sanders but only from Trump. In that case, he’d be a Ross Perot. But I don’t imagine that 55% of the general election voters would vote for a conservative fascist or a conservative independent.


Apparently Chris Christie is pulling out.

Or ‘reconsidering his campaign’, or some other way of saying the same thing.


See. Told you. Deja vu - changes in the Matrix.