A long march to the end of the world


After the singularity, it will be these stories that self-aware programs will tell to their new spawns about how humans tried to enter the computer would but never could. And that was their downfall.


First, the linked article says it could take 3,000 half hour episodes, (1,500 hours, or 200 days now that he’s doing this full time), not 22 years (maybe he plans on going slower to space out the episodes, but that’s not the same thing).

Second, he could always choose a faster mode of transportation, no? It may not be the point, but it is enough to make me think this is far less cool than other minecraft accomplishments we’ve all seen and loved.

And it looks like the Far Lands were removed/ made unreachable in an update at one point? I guess he must be playing an old version.

Here’s the quote I pulled the 22 years from.

Nearly three years later, Mac, who is now thirty-one, is still walking. He has trekked more than seven hundred virtual kilometres in a hundred and eighty hours. At his current pace, Mac will not reach the edge of the world, which is now nearly twelve thousand kilometres away, for another twenty-two years.

Am I missing something?

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Yea, the Far Lands haven’t existed since before I bought Minecraft. The software bugs out when you reach 30 million meters, but it’s not as cool as before. The new launcher does allow you to run alpha and beta versions, but to me, the landscape was so boring back then I would quit after 1km.

It makes me wonder what version he’s running.

EDIT: Yes those numbers are all caddywompus. He should have 29 300 km to go, not 12 000, but maybe the world was smaller in beta. 12 000/700 = 17 * 180 = about 3000 more hours to go. As a full-time job, thats a year and a half. At about three hours a week, it will take 22 years.

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He’s currently playing on minecraft beta version 1.7.something. It was the last version with the farlands still in the game. And it’s not about getting to the farlands, it’s about the journey. Also about the fact that he’s raising money for Child’s Play Charity in the process.


I think it’s a good thing but a little odd that a newborn child could have graduated college by the time he is currently scheduled to finish…

Any Ringworld fans out there? This story reminds me of Seeker.

For those who never read the book by Larry Niven, Ringworld is a structure with a circumference approximately equal to the earth’s orbit around the sun, and a width of a million miles. When landed on Ringworld, the horizon is flat, but appears to have an arch which disappears into the sun. Seeker is a character who is on an adventure to find the base of an arch. He has an extended lifespan, and has been walking for hundreds of years. The main characters don’t have the heart to tell him the truth.


I did the “pick a direction and run that way until I find something cool” play last fall, and to be honest, I got bored before I met my objective.

Minecraft is a neat toy and I love burning a Saturday playing it, but their world generation is based on a really bad noise function. Nothing the game produces resembles real land masses and after about 15 minutes of running you’ll realize that even though no two mountains look exactly the same, all of them are generated by the same code so it all “feels” the same. The only treasures out there are the rare biomes, which are extremely tough to find without spoiler tools.

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One word: mods

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You’re correct, the article really does say that. I just think it is a strange statement. http://minecraft.gamepedia.com/Transportation claims walking speed is 15 km/hr, for example, which would mean it would take him less than 1,000 hours of playing time to get there. Initially he was doing this in his spare time, but the claim that this is now his livelihood suggests he could walk 8 hours per day and make it in 125 days. Or ride a horse and make it in under 50. Or go through the Nether (possibly on a horse) and make it in about two weeks to a month.

The thing is that he is documenting all of the journey in videos, so you must add to that time, time for editing (which involves watching whole episode 1 or 2 times as he claims), rendering and uploading. Also he does bunch of other videos. So it is impossible to “walk 8 hours per day”. He would burn out very fast if he did that. He aims for 3 episodes a week. Also there are no horses in his version of the game (BETA 1.7.3) and he will not travel through the Nether because: it is too dangerous, he cannot set his bed in there (in case of death, which is yet to happen in the series!) and he cannot bring his companion wolf Wolfie to the Nether (mobs cant travel through portals in that version yet).

Thanks for clarifying!

His YT vid yammerings are highly passable. The first very vids on his channel are of various celestial bodies, nudge nudge. Wink wink.

Of course you did. If you hadn’t, then you would have found something cool, and met your objective before you got bored. Q.E.D.

I’d always imagined that when you reached the end of the world it would turn out just to be an edge/corner on a giant world cube. You’d peer over the edge to see trees and grass growing out the cliff and then you’d fall briefly and land on the cliff sideways.

  1. Motherfucker is DEEP yo!


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I’ve never understood why the minecraft universe isn’t toroidal. If one of your coordinates hits the top, it could simply wrap back around to zero (or max negative). So if you walked far enough, you’d come right back to your spawn point. In software, that’s the laziest solution.

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