Remote Scottish islands recreated in Minecraft


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Am I going crazy or is this not actually on the internet?


Nobody said it has to be either-or.

I don’t see it on the Minecraft forum, which is where downloads usually reside. I doubt BBC is hosting it.


Schrodinger’s minecraft island.


This seems like a good time to remind people of this:


There’s loads of coverage but no links. It’s like a press release was put out too early.


It seems to have been made by these people but it isn’t there yet

There is a presentation tonight, so maybe it is being held back until after that.


Desmond turned the wheel and moved the island.


There is an unbelievable movie, Edge of the World, made in the thirties about the island of Hirta and the period of evacuation. It’s a cheesy love triangle story but the photography of the island and the ways the isolated islanders lived is stunning.


I did see recently that this team created an entire JK Rowling world and it’s free to download. It looks pretty sweet.

(Where’s the emoticon that shows I’m trying to helpful but I know that I’m not?)


Two days after the press release and still no download.


Call of Duty re-created a suburban shopping complex in their game.

I have often wondered if somebody would eventually start building out real world interpretations of virtual spaces. I know I would visit a theme park that allowed me to crawl around the maps I’ve spent so many hours in.



Something looks different about you today…


I have a world of ideas I started and gave up on. I have half a floating island that’s going to be awesome when I finish it…never.


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