Danish Geodata Agency commissions 1:1 Minecraft replica of Denmark


In other fun Minecraft news, a snapshot of the upcoming 1.8 release was made available yesterday which provides sliders for a number of world generation parameters which means you can make worlds that are carved up like swiss cheese or have seas of lava.

Or as I’m sure everyone will do on their first attempt, make diamond veins spawn everywhere.


Impossible to do this by hand, but it shouldn’t be too difficult to automate. At least altitudes are available. I dunno how they’ll handle biomes - get it wrong and you get jungles and deserts in Denmark.

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I’m unfamiliar with the state of minecraft map-state generators; but the Geodata agency should have a pretty good set of biome data available as input, in addition to heightmaps, waterways, and at least rough information on mineral composition.

Aside from Denmark not exactly being an uninhabited wilderness, you can do some pretty clever inference about vegetation state, ice cover, and so on, by satellite, especially once you mix in some of the bands outside the visible spectrum.

Is ArcGIminecraft a thing?


They shouldn’t just generate this as a world. They should start with a randomly generated world in Survival mode and craft and mine the thing into existence ‘manually’.
No cheats.

Edit: Also, Denmark is a land of fire and ice. Don’t they have some uber cave systems?


Is it going to include Greenland?

They will now!

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To be clear, Minecraft Denmark is not just commissioned, it is completed.

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