How big is the Minecraft universe?

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The worlds are huge, but the terrain generation is just a perlin noise style algorithm. The biomes are just tweaks on the values returned by the base generator.

All that space and not a since ounce of cohesiveness. That’s why you can spend hours wandering around just looking for the perfect place to build a house.

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So about that time Denmark was recreated in Minecraft. My countrymen are jackasses:

You know what’s kind of weird? The number of blocks in the landscape (2D only) is orders of magnitude larger than the number of possible random seeds. It can therefore be proven that all Minecraft worlds are alike, just shifted over a few thousand kilometers. That great spawn point you found also exists somewhere else, in every other world. (But finding it would take forever.)


Only if it is randomly generated by the system. The world could be generated by the players or by software run by a player.

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When you get to the farlands, shit gets weird. Starts to look like some psychedelic graffiti.

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