Geology of Britain--all of it!--implemented in Minecraft


I wonder what they do about hills that rise more than 200m above sea level?


Couldn’t find any info on what scale this was done. Is it actually 1:1?

If so, interesting achievement, I guess. But it would probably suck as a Minecraft world. The UK is a beautiful country, but in Minecraft terms it would be almost entirely one base biome, and not a very dramatic one at that. Cornish coast or Scottish highlands are probably where I’d base myself.

What this kind of detailed geology really calls for is Dwarf Fortress.


Cool (apparently I have to post more than six characters…)


I would have worried more about available resources, but then I’ve never seen much fun in creative mode.

Their methodology looks like it’s great for some things that are normally rare (diamond, emerald…), but absolutely abysmal for things that are normally in good supply (iron, coal…)

Yeah, the block choices break this for survival. Would have been better for them to make block choices for their functional, not visual similarity. Using the new stone types could help with that. A realistic UK should be pretty good for coal and iron, if more concentrated than is normal for MC.

Fingers crossed that future editions also include villages covering the area of current population centres, and proper ore deposits at historically important locations.

The illustration has no trees. You don’t play very long in survival without wood.

… naaah, that one’s too easy. :slight_smile:

From the screenshot at the site, it looks like major roads are depicted as single-block lines. Shrunk down quite a bit if so.

“…absolutely abysmal for things that are normally in good supply (iron, coal…)”

Ah, so it’s post-Thatcher Britain.

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My first reaction was “gleeb!”

But then my second reaction was to be all bitter and curmudgeonly because they’re all like “aren’t we fun and cool releasing this Minecraft map” but the real taxpayer-funded UK mapping data is still only available under staggeringly expensive and restrictive licensing terms. BAH.

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