A look at a commercial viral video outfit

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There is, indeed, nothing that advertising cannot suck the innocent joy from, leaving only a hollow joyless husk. Not even adorable puppy videos.

We can only hope that this knowledge gnaws at the people who perpetrate such depraved acts.


Ha! Doubt it. They sold their souls long ago and there is nothing but an empty hole where their love used to be.

If it wasn’t for the Events feature on Facebook, I would dump it fast.

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“Junk in media”, appropriate name for such corporation.

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I agree. I just hope that the presence of the empty hole causes elevated levels of psychological morbidity and mortality in the population being discussed.

The idea that advertising flacks might do what they do and then sleep like babies is deep into ‘banality of evil’ territory.

Hank Green expands a bit on the ways Facebook lies, cheats and steals in online video:

Theft, Lies, and Facebook Video


One who makes a beast of himself gives up the pain of being a man.

They sleep like logs.

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I’m actually pretty surprised that Buzzfeed hired some great producers and went from making absolute garbage for pagehits to relatively enjoyable videos.

What’s next, Upworthy actually changing the world for the better?

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Just now, I tried to share a youtube link I found on Boing Boing (the robot at the drive thru prank) through Facebook’s chat, and Facebook blocked the link on the grounds that it was potentially unsafe. This was a Youtube URL so I don’t know wth could’ve tripped up their spam system like that. Facebook has also blocked imgur links from time to time as well.

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