A look at Airstream's new limited edition $114,600 trailer

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Just in time for that powerball win…


Yep, with all that powerball money, I can buy all 100 trailers!


Must be nice to be well off. It looks genuinely pretty, but over 100k? god damn.


No Amazon link?


What in the name of all that is holy is a frigging “marine grade” audio system? I’ve had it up to my artisanally certified whole source tits with all these random freaking adjectives marketers throw in front of shit. ARRRRRrrgggghhhh.


Means it’s been designed to work in a small space like a boat (the kind with beds and kitchen, not a rowboat), as opposed to a house. Typically the amp is less powerful and the components are physically smaller than normal.

Nothing artisanal about it – they’re just saying the system doesn’t take up a lot of room and won’t kill your batteries. As for the term itself… pretty sure that or a similar designation has been around since at least the 70s. It’s just a class of gear, same as “car stereo”.


It’s not a bullshit marketing term. Think about what salt air does to exposed metals (circuitry, for instance.) “Marine grade” means things are water-resistant and treated to resist corrosion.


It’s the portable version of Kubrick’s vision of the Overlook hotel.*

*Hedgemaze not included


I’m not sure if I should like this or tag as spam…


Maybe @Elizabeth_Doering has some insights on fine Turkish Cinema as well?


There are hundreds of high-quality used Airstreams out there for a third the price of this. The stainless steel shell will last a loooong time with only minimal maintenance, and most have been lovingly cared for.

The problem is the big ol’ truck or SUV you gotta buy to pull them around.

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The thing about Airstreams though… is they’re tiny! So small inside, its hard to get around, the table is small, and the seats are shallow. If you are larger than those models or taller its just a bad space.

That said, I have a RoadTrek 200. We bought it used from the side of the road, and we love it. Its been east, and west, and south, we soon hope to take it north. Its self contained so we don’t need power or water and you don’t tow it. Its the perfect thing if you actually want to travel, as opposed to just drive it somewhere and park.

Oh and new RoadTreks… $82K+ USD. (So for me that’d be… uh… $115K+ guess we’re not upgrading any time soon!)


Shells are made of clear coated .040” Alcoa aluminum.

I’ve been looking at those (used, $20-30k). I like the idea of being able to fit in a standard parking space.

Ultimately, though, I think I’m going with a bus conversion. I found a used city transit bus (in my area, this requires highways, so it has the full transmission) and am mostly looking at tiny home and off grid cabin components, rather than those designed for RVs: They seem to be cheaper and better quality.

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*Angry Ghosts and Psychosis included!

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