Nifty mini camping trailer

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I love it. I’ll take one in black please, with a 1.8 twincam swapped midget to pull it.

That is sexy as HELL.

I saw a ton of Scamp Trailers the last time I went camping, and they’re adorable, but not as cute as this thing.

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Is it just me or does this seem, nice as it appears, to be wildly expensive? This isn’t the sort of camper you’d want to spend any time it – having a toilet and at least a minimal shower are pretty important in the real world. You’d start to smell pretty bad after a week. I’ve lived out of a backpack for a week at a time but at least that is cheap and you expect some discomfort.

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Teardrops can be nice if you don’t have room to store a big trailer, and they may be the only option if you’ve got a tiny tow vehicle like my Honda Fit. Check out this featherweight retro trailer I built. I used a $250 utility trailer from Harbor Freight, and built the walls using aluminum honeycomb composite panels. The whole thing only weighs about 200 lbs empty, and it’s streamlined enough that when towing on the freeway I get less drag than when I strap my gear to a roof rack.


If this isn’t already in the Making/Crafting/Creating thread, it most definitely should be.


That’s really lovely!

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Still a bit too big.

But these…

Yep, nifty design, but not at that price.

Here’s what I can buy for fourteen large today.

That, yes, is also true. It’s got a lot of lovely hidden compartments and such, and for all I know is artisan-made by hand one bolt at a time, but it’s waaaaay out of my price range for sure. Especially when a fully kitted-out 16’ Scamp with fridge, toilet, shower, air conditioning, water heater, greywater tank, etc is about $13k.

Short on cash? Build your own!

When I made mine I opted for some relatively expensive composite panels to save weight and hold up long term to the elements, but if you use more conventional materials you could make a basic one for pretty cheap. The utility trailers to use for the base are only $240 from Harbor Freight. Do it! Do it now!!


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